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Posted May 26, 2023

Sauce Labs Product Updates & News for May 2023

Learn about our new test orchestration solution, Linux VMs, iOS & Android dev tools for real devices, and more!


There are a ton of awesome things happening at Sauce Labs, and if we don’t share them we might just explode (and you don’t want that, because then we couldn’t help you with your software testing).

Dive in below to learn about our new test orchestration tool, Linux VMs, iOS & Android dev tools for real devices, and more!

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[NEW PRODUCT!] Transform Test Automation in your CI with Sauce Orchestrate

This may be our boldest move yet. If the title didn’t give it away, we just launched Sauce Orchestrate, a new test orchestration tool for browser and mobile tests that can transform your test automation and CI. Check out our blog and documentation to learn more, or watch this video for a quick explainer of how it works:

Sauce Labs bot logo followed by text on screen: What is Sauce Orchestrate?
What is Sauce Orchestrate?

Want to see Sauce Orchestrate in action? Request a demo today!

Debug and Release Faster with iOS & Android Dev Tools in Sauce Real Device Cloud

Everybody and their developer wants their web and mobile apps to function seamlessly. The Sauce Real Device Cloud now includes dev tools for debugging your apps on iOS and Android real devices. Optimize performance and ensure flawless responsive designs by finding and fixing issues in real time, measuring their impact, and validating console information and errors.

Check out the documentation to give this new feature a spin!

Ramp Up Shift-Left Testing with Our New Linux VMs

While the concept of testing earlier during development is not new for most testers, changing testing practices has proven to be difficult. For example, organizations can implement a shift-left strategy by thinking about testing their applications at early stages of development. But the main challenge is how to do this.

Depending on what kind of applications your team is testing and what kind of solution you are looking for, using a lite compute level that provides a more bare bones testing environment could be the answer to helping your team adopt shift-left testing.

With our new Linux VMs (generally available on June 1, 2023), you can test for Linux users and quickly validate on the latest Chrome or Firefox browsers. In fact, the data show that you can achieve a 20-30% performance improvement, and even greater strides in headless mode.

Important to note: if you run automated browser tests on newer Chrome or Firefox versions without a platform name specified, your tests will default to the new Linux VMs on June 21, 2023.

[VIDEO] Sauce Labs Roadmap Q&A Session

In case you missed it, our VPs of Product Michael Donovan and Jason Davis recently shared what's coming to the Sauce platform to help you test faster and improve app quality. If you couldn’t attend, we encourage you to view the recording and learn more about:

  • Hosted Test Orchestration

  • Fast Booted iOS Simulators

  • Linux VMs

  • Mobile Error & Crash Reporting

  • Insights for real device data

Sauce Labs Roadmap April 2023

AWS Comes to Sauce Labs, and New IP Range Required for Virtual Devices

Sauce Labs is integrating Amazon Web Services (AWS) into our Mac cloud infrastructure starting May 30, 2023 for U.S. customers. This allows us to adjust our resources to meet your changing needs.

If you use IP allowlisting and run tests in a U.S. data center, you will need to add a new IP range to ensure a seamless transition to our enhanced Mac cloud infrastructure. 

New US-West IP Range: (See documentation here for the full list of IP Ranges)

If you can't make the change by May 30, 2023, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Heads up on Headless U.S.-East 

As of this month, Sauce Labs has officially discontinued our headless containerized US-East environment. But not to worry! Headless mode will still be available through native webdriver capabilities.

If you’d like to learn how to run tests in headless mode, see the "Testing in Headless Mode" section in this blog.

[WEBINAR] How to Test Easier: GoogleChrome DevTools and Sauce Labs

Join us on June 12 for an exciting webinar where Sauce Labs Senior Developer Experience Engineer, Titus Fortner and Google DevReel Engineer, Jecelyn Yeen will discuss the latest and greatest of Google Chrome DevTools. Want to find out how you can use these tools to test easier on Sauce Labs? Get ready to learn all that and more! Sign up now

More New Features to Power Your Testing

[REPORT] Is Sauce Labs Worth it? Here's What the Research Shows

Through interviews, research, case studies, and modeling, TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) has validated that Sauce Labs provides an extremely effective platform for continuous testing during mobile application development.

Sauce Labs customers report that they are able to deliver better quality mobile applications, shift a higher majority of testing to pre-release to minimize the impact on end users, accelerate time to release, and lower overall costs associated with testing.

Enterprise Strategy Group's validated benefits of Sauce Labs for mobile application testing

Read the complimentary report or watch a recording of our recent webinar with ESG.

Great Content We Dropped This Month

The latest resources from our test automation experts:

Tales from the Trenches

Our customer stories show the value and results that you can achieve with Sauce Labs. Here's a quick look at how FactSet Debugs & Resolves Crashes Faster with Sauce Error Reporting.

Wrap-Up from the Community

New! Community Slack channel

Connect with developers, enthusiasts, and pros to share ideas and solve real-world tech problems in our newly launched Community Slack space. This will be a fun, useful space for anyone who works to deliver quality software! Join our Slack channel 

[Test Case Scenario] Don't Get Left Behind: Why You Need to Automate Your Testing Programs

In this episode, we discuss how automation can give you a competitive edge, the risks of falling behind, and the consequences of not automating your testing programs. Tune in to gain insights that will help you take your testing to the next level and stay ahead of the pack! Listen now

[The Test Automation Experience] The Ultimate Guide to Automated QA Job Interviews Part 1

Join us as we delve into the world of automated QA jobs, discover valuable tips and tricks to ace your next interview, and of course, talk about Cypress! Whether you’re looking to land your dream automated QA job or wondering how to navigate the interview process with confidence, this episode is just what you need. Watch now

Video recordings & events


SLOconf was a smashing success! Watch the recording to learn about the practice and application of SLOs from industry leaders in SRE, DevOps, and software engineering! Watch now

Meetup for Game Developers

Nearly 300 people registered for SF Game Dev Community’s Meetup In San Francisco featuring Sauce Labs, Unity and Discord. Thank you to everyone who came out!

Mission Accomplished - Hurrah!

If you like what you see, keep up with us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more frequent updates. Keep calm and test on!

May 26, 2023
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