Fast, reliable, and scalable test orchestration for web and mobile apps

Transform your test automation and CI/CD to go to market faster with greater confidence in your applications

Sauce Orchestrate
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The only test orchestration solution for both mobile and browser testing

Sauce Orchestrate is a unique approach to web and mobile application testing that accelerates test execution speed and enables efficient end-to-end test orchestration. Start with this video for a quick explainer.


Seamless and streamlined testing for web and mobile applications

Sauce Orchestrate provides purpose-built capabilities designed to increase the speed and efficiency of app development and testing.

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Supports any framework & language

Run tests on any device, browser, and any programming language and test automation framework available in Sauce Labs.

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Simplifies testing via container technology

Simply package your Selenium or Appium test code in an image file and send it to Sauce Labs for execution within our grid.

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Integrates with your CI pipelines

Integrates with your CI pipelines through our robust command line interface (saucectl) or a simple API.

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Delivers faster feedback loops and detailed test results

Faster feedback combined with detailed debugging information (execution logs) and test results allows developers to make data-driven decisions and focus on coding.


Faster testing, better developer experience

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Test faster vs. remote execution

Decreases network overhead and reduces the latency between tests and devices or browsers.

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Reduced costs and optimized CI/CD pipelines

Orchestrate multiple CI builds and reduce the maintenance burden on your resource-constrained CI by offloading the compute cycles to Sauce Labs for test execution.

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Accelerated development velocity

Improve development velocity and significantly reduce feedback time by running the same test suite locally early in the development cycle, and at scale in your CI.

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Improved reliability

Reduce unpredictable network issues and help developers focus their time on innovation by eliminating the need to troubleshoot errors caused by the heavy network overhead of a remote grid.

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Transform your test automation and CI/CD

See how with Sauce Orchestrate

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How to Use Sauce Orchestrate

Nikolay Advolodkin, Sauce Labs Solutions Architect, demonstrates how to get started with Sauce Orchestrate in this demo video.


Test orchestration resources

Resources to help you get started and learn more about test orchestration

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