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Say goodbye to inefficient and costly software debugging. Embrace informed decision-making, accelerated time to market, and high-quality web and mobile applications with Sauce Labs intelligent software debugging tools.

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Debugging is critical, but it can be slow and inefficient

The longer developers spend diagnosing and resolving software bugs, the less time they have to code and deliver innovative customer experiences. Without the right debugging tools, your organization risks longer release cycles, increased application risk, and critical bugs being released to production–all of which impact both the customer experience and your bottom-line revenue. Sauce Labs can help.


Intelligent software debugging with Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs offers a suite of debugging tools that enable efficient and cost-effective debugging for web and mobile applications across the entire SDLC, from production to post-release. With Sauce Labs’ intelligent software debugging tools, development teams can accelerate root cause analysis, prioritize impactful bugs, and remediate issues before they reach your customers. Decrease development costs, increase release stability, provide great customer experiences, and stay ahead of the competition.


Ship reliable web and mobile applications with minimal disruptions

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Debug across the SDLC

Sauce Labs is the only solution that provides tools like live testing, functional testing, and error reporting in production to debug from development to post-release.

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Diagnose and fix issues faster

Cut resolution time by up to 50%, determine the root cause of errors in your code, and test failures in the pipeline to accelerate debugging.

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Leverage real-world user feedback

Get user-generated, real-time video sessions and in-app bug reports to solve issues, shorten release cycles and release your app to market faster.

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Remove bottlenecks and drive productivity

Accelerate root cause analysis with machine learning-powered failure analysis and proactively eliminate the most costly patterns.

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Release quality applications with confidence–at speed

Catch bugs prior to release and surface errors across teams. Leverage context across devices/OSes and actionable data to build better, more reliable applications at faster speeds.

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Identify bugs before your customers experience them

Decrease time to detection and resolution in production. Capture errors, group them together, and identify the primary root cause failure – fix application bugs before users even notice them.

Customer Stories

Why engineering teams choose Sauce Labs to debug and release faster

The world’s largest companies and fastest-growing startups trust Sauce Labs to help them move towards DevOps speeds and massive scalability. Our customers execute nearly 20 million tests per week.

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Walmart slashes over 750,000 FTE hours to increase release frequency

Walmart uses Sauce Labs to optimize test automation suites authored with Selenium, Appium, Espresso, and XCUITest. Walmart scaled to 50,000 daily automated tests–and increased release frequency from twice per month to multiple times daily.

Sauce Labs Solutions

Meet the intelligent software debugging suite

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Real device cloud

Run automated and manual mobile app tests securely from anywhere, anytime. Increase team productivity with instant access to the most extensive range of iOS and Android devices, operating systems, and test automation frameworks. Debug and release faster with error monitoring and reporting.

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Live testing + Dev Tools

Validate functionality and user experience in real time with live testing on thousands of emulators/simulators, real devices, and browser/OS configurations. Diagnose and debug quicker with Chrome DevTools and Safari Web Inspector.

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Mobile app diagnostics

Determine the root cause of errors in your code and test failures in the pipeline quickly.

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Failure analysis

Leverage machine learning algorithms to uncover failure patterns, prioritize the most detrimental issues and predict featured bugs.

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Error reporting

Monitor crashes and errors in production. Prioritize the most impactful errors and get alerted of new issues across all your applications platforms: web, mobile, server, and gaming.

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