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Posted April 6, 2023

Debug Faster with Error and Crash Reporting in Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud

Real Device Cloud error and crash reporting can help you find the root cause of errors faster and inspire greater confidence in your mobile app’s performance.

Customers expect a seamless experience when using your mobile app. But development teams using traditional debugging methods can't sustain the fast and furious pace needed to identify and resolve errors and crashes to keep releases constantly up-to-date.

When it takes too long to find and fix issues, both team productivity and the customer experience suffer: developers spend more time fixing errors than coding, critical bugs escape into production, and release cycles become unstable. Enter grumpy developers and even grumpier customers.

With both customer satisfaction and your organization’s reputation on the line, it's important to equip your development, QA, SDET, and Support teams with the tools they need to move faster while maintaining application quality. That's why we're excited to announce error and crash reporting in the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud to help mobile app teams quickly pinpoint the root cause of errors, speed up feedback loops, and increase confidence in your mobile app's performance.

Say goodbye to reviewing log statements and reproducing errors, and read on to learn how Sauce Real Device Cloud takes the pain out of debugging. Or, jump to the docs to get started.

Introducing Built-in Error and Crash Reporting in Sauce Real Device Cloud

Sauce Real Device Cloud is the only real device testing solution that captures crash and error data automatically for both iOS and Android real devices during live and automated mobile application testing. This means you can:

  • Capture fatal errors (crashes) for iOS and Android apps under test and store the call stack details in a crash.log file alongside the test results.

  • Expose all non-fatal errors and warnings coming from the application.

  • Filter test results to identify exactly where a crash was detected.

  • See the full context of errors and crashes relating to test cases, videos, and other diagnostic information (device vitals, network logs, etc.).

  • Collaborate with your teams to improve time to resolution.

Built-in Error and Crash Reporting in Sauce Real Device Cloud

Benefits for QA, SDET, and Support teams include:

  • Immediate detection of errors and better prioritization.

  • Faster collaboration with engineering teams.

Benefits for mobile app development teams include:

  • Reduced time to resolution by identifying the stacktrace (lines of code) that was executing before the error occurred.

  • Reduced app risk by capturing and prioritizing fatal errors early in the development cycle.

Automated mobile error and crash reporting, as part of the full suite of Mobile App Diagnostics in the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud, enables you to increase confidence in your app’s ability to deliver a seamless customer experience by quickly remediating issues affecting quality before they impact more users.

Mobile Error and Crash Reporting in Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud

Get Started with Sauce Real Device Cloud Today

Transform debugging and empower your engineering and product teams with real device testing capabilities and insights from Sauce Real Device Cloud. With built-in error and crash capture to help find the root cause of errors, plus faster feedback loops for troubleshooting, your teams can prioritize fixing the errors that impact customers the most. The time saved with mobile error reporting allows your development team to focus on coding innovative app experiences for customers--a win for everyone.

Ashwini Sathe
Sr. Group Product Marketing Manager
Apr 6, 2023
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