Launch faster, innovate more: scalable test automation gets your product to market faster

Optimize any automated test suite for enterprise scalability with high concurrency, observability, and test management

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The burden of test sometimes feels greater than the reward

Manual testing doesn’t scale. Immature automated testing brings its own set of problems. Whether you’re managing your own test infrastructure or you lack the insights and observability features of a robust test automation platform, the burden of test often proves to be greater than the reward.


Release faster, more frequently by increasing confidence in short test cycles and CI/CD pipelines

Sauce Labs is the only fully integrated testing platform with unified test infrastructure, observability, and management to accelerate mobile and web app delivery at every stage. Sauce Labs gives you the scale, stability, speed, and insights you need in order to know exactly where you stand in your test automation goals.


Scalable test optimization for any device, browser, framework, language, or CI/CD system

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Accelerate time to market

Testing thousands of scenarios in minutes gives you unparalleled ability to get your features to your users. Cover more platforms—in fact, cover all of them.

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Reduce application risk

Testing at scale is the best way to understand the impact of software changes. Identify, manage, and mitigate risks with scalable test automation.

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Increase release confidence

Gain mastery over your release process: from a consistent cadence to a low defect escape rate, scalable test automation empowers the whole team.

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Bring your own test strategy

Every organization is different. Context is everything. We can support and guide you as you execute your strategy at scale. Bring your strategy and let us scale it out.

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Improve MTTD and MTTR by 50% or more

Eliminate testing bottlenecks by gaining faster, earlier feedback to find and fix issues in seamless workflows. Shorten test cycles with confidence, guided by Sauce Insights and Sauce Error Reporting.

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Integrate signals from production

We provide production-quality error and crash reporting plus test infrastructure. Pull in and correlate production errors with test automation in real-time and at scale. Re-test in minutes, fix forward, and validate user behaviors quickly.

Success Stories

Why companies choose Sauce Labs to scale test automation

The world’s largest companies and fastest-growing startups trust Sauce Labs to help them move towards DevOps speeds and massive scalability. Our customers execute nearly 20 million tests per week.

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Walmart slashes over 750,000 FTE hours to increase release frequency

Walmart uses Sauce Labs to optimize test automation suites authored with Selenium, Appium, Espresso, and XCUITest. Walmart scaled to 50,000 daily automated tests–and increased release frequency from twice per month to multiple times daily.

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