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Posted June 30, 2023

Scalable Test Automation

Learn how Sauce Labs can help optimize any automated test suite for enterprise scalability with high concurrency, observability, and test management.


Transform release speeds and risk management with virtual and real device testing clouds–designed by renowned experts in test automation scalability, concurrency, observability and test optimization.

The Challenge

Every company wants to ship a high-quality product, but large-scale software failures seem to happen almost every day. Many companies are missing the mark with development and testing:  they need to deliver a quality customer experience as quickly as possible, but they can’t afford the time or the personnel needed to test adequately prior to release.

Test automation is the only way to scale your quality efforts to ensure a smooth release, but even when teams have automated their tests, how do they scale? How is the effectiveness of your test program measured, and how can you be certain it reduces risk?

The need to accelerate releases by shortening test cycles only exacerbates the need to solve these challenges more quickly: engineers have less time to test, but they need greater confidence in their code. At the same time, product owners need greater confidence in the customer experience.

The Solution: Scalable Test Automation

Scaling test automation with the right test infrastructure unleashes product development to its full potential. Your team needs to find and fix issues. By executing automated tests on infrastructure that couples virtual/real devices with insights and observability metrics, teams can increase developer productivity while managing risk.

Your test infrastructure should make it easy to enable and standardize finder and fixer workflows across the organization. Building and maintaining test infrastructure in-house increases operational burden, and can prevent your organization from reaching your quality goals. Speed of innovation is top-of-mind for enterprise leaders, and delays in getting features to market can affect customer experience, revenue, and company morale.

Why Sauce Labs for Scaling Test Automation

As the creator of Selenium and Appium, Sauce Labs was purpose-built to scale test automation from day one. We invented the term “continuous testing.” Today, Sauce Labs optimizes scalable test automation for any framework and programming language.

We are the only test vendor that offers intelligence and actionable insights from analyzing patterns across nearly 6 billion test executions. We use this data to help our customers optimize their test execution and guide them toward operational confidence.

Customers that switch to Sauce Labs from either home-grown solutions or other testing vendors see material improvements in their development and testing processes, including*:

  • Faster time to release by up to 50% compared to in-house testing environments, with an additional 47% improvement in time to push code to production on a weekly or more frequent basis

  • $200k average savings in test infrastructure maintenance costs

  • Improved observability and test stability to achieve a 75-100% reduction in testing bottlenecks, a 75% improvement in reducing breaking changes, and a 150% reduction in feature rollbacks

  • Reduced risk exposure in short test cycles through improved test coverage (via more complete testing), hardened code, error reporting and diagnostics, proactive Enterprise Support, and reduced staffing risk

* Source: Enterprise Strategy Group’s (ESG) Economic Value Validation (EVV) of Sauce Labs, April 2023

Key Features and Benefits of Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is the only fully integrated testing platform with unified test infrastructure, observability, and test management to accelerate mobile and web app delivery at every stage. Sauce Labs gives you the scale, stability, speed, and insights you need in order to know exactly where you stand in your test automation goals. View this quick interactive demo to learn more.

Optimized test strategy

  • Support and expert insights - Partner with Sauce Labs' Enterprise Support and domain experts to scale your test automation program with best practices. See how your organization performs against key automated testing benchmarks, while also gaining a view into how your efforts stack up against other enterprises for use cases that measurably improve speed and risk management.

  • Secure, enterprise-ready platform - Accelerate your path to DevOps speeds with Sauce Insights—driving integrated test observability including platform coverage, error reporting, and failure pattern analysis. Scale without limit with our 7,500+ real mobile devices and 1,7000+ emulators and simulators. Test securely on a platform that has achieved ISO 27001, 27701, and SOC 2 Type 2 security certifications.

  • Flexibility for your test strategy - Every organization is different. Context is everything. However you decide to design your test and tool strategy, we will support and guide you as you execute your strategy at scale. Need Selenium? We invented Selenium. Want to use Cypress? With test sharding for Cypress, XCUITest, and Espresso, we’ll optimize tests for you. Did your team create their own framework? It will just work with Sauce Labs.

Optimized automated test suites

  • Optimal test environments - Eliminate the risk and operational burden of managing on-premise test infrastructure and/or virtual infrastructure, whether DIY or through a cloud vendor. Refocus engineering hours on shipping better customer experiences. Empower all teams with better test environments on Sauce Labs test infrastructure–purpose-built for efficiency and massive scalability.

  • Test orchestration - Use Sauce Orchestrate to execute mobile app and cross-browser tests up to 70% faster—from anywhere—as fast and reliably as with local execution. Use high concurrency in parallel testing for up to 10x faster test executions.

  • Minimize cross-platform risk - Software releases introduce risk. Always. By running your automated tests on the most critical browsers, operating systems, and devices that your customers depend on, Sauce Labs helps minimize risks posed by external factors. By running automated tests massively in parallel, get quality signals in minutes instead of days.

Continuous improvement

  • Fast triage - Eliminate testing bottlenecks by gaining faster, earlier feedback to find and fix issues in seamless workflows. Shorten test cycles with confidence, guided by Sauce Insights and Sauce Error Reporting. Improve time to detection and resolution by 50% or faster.

  • Combined signals from production - Sauce Labs is the only cloud test platform to provide production-quality error and crash reporting in addition to test infrastructure: this allows you to pull in and correlate production errors with your automation in real-time and at scale. This means retesting in minutes, fixing forward, and validating the new features just after release.

  • Simplified developer experience - Engineers spend less time testing and more time improving the customer experience. Developers stay in-context without distraction from infrastructure management or unreliable test results.

Evaluation Checklist: Scalable Test Automation

Sauce Labs recommends the following checklist to help evaluate your test infrastructure and capabilities. Use it to determine best practices, optimize test strategy, develop test automation, and drive continuous improvement:


How Sauce Labs Helps

Developer tooling

By converging all facets of test automation with the Sauce Labs platform, you can improve the developer experience with the saucectl command line interface (CLI). saucectl orchestrates Sauce Labs infrastructure, applications, and insights into a single interface to support continuous improvement, fast feedback, and smooth onboarding for new team members.

Language and framework support

Any team using any test tool can bring their tests to Sauce Labs to execute test scripts at scale and get the right feedback loops in place to help with inevitable maintenance challenges.

Cross-browser and cross-platform testing

Test on multiple browsers and platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android to ensure that applications work well across different environments.

Test reporting

Provide clear and concise reports that show test results, including pass/fail status, errors, and warnings to identify any issues and take corrective action quickly.

Integration with CI/CD tools

Integrate with any CI/CD tool (e.g., Jenkins, TeamCity, GitLab, etc) to incorporate automated tests and reporting into the build process.


Support testing for large and complex applications and handle multiple concurrent users while running tests in parallel. Shard native test framework suites automatically to run mobile tests at blazing speed.


Execute tests in the cloud—within your firewall. Using the Sauce Connect VPN tunnel, leverage the Sauce Labs cloud infrastructure within your network. Run tests against private APIs and databases well in advance of your release—all at enterprise scale.

Ease of Use

Simplify workflows as needed among engineers, testers, and citizens with an easy-to-use platform that reduces effort, speeds up workflows, and enhances training.

Support and community

Turn to a helpful community with resources such as forums, blog posts, and documentation along with enterprise-grade support that is readily available anywhere in the world.


Accelerate testing with purpose-built test infrastructure for high concurrency in parallel testing plus test orchestration with up to 70% faster executions.

Integrated Observability

Intelligent Insights can give you fast feedback on your test executions. With Beta testing and error/crash reporting, we correlate signals from your test environment through to production to help guide you toward the root cause of a failure.


Latency causes instability. By removing unnecessary network hops between your tests and our devices, we remove many of the variables that cause flakiness in automated test scripts—without the need for costly refactoring.

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Walmart slashes over 750,000 FTE hours to increase release frequency

Walmart uses Sauce Labs to optimize test automation suites authored with Selenium, Appium, Espresso, and XCUITest. Walmart scaled to 50,000 daily automated tests–and increased release frequency from twice per month to multiple times daily.

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