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Posted April 5, 2023

Enterprise Strategy Group's Economic Validation of Sauce Labs for Mobile Testing and TestOps

Download Enterprise Strategy Group's (ESG) Economic Validation report to learn the qualitative and quantitative benefits that Sauce Labs customers can expect from using Sauce Labs Platform for Test for web and mobile app testing.

Enterprise Strategy Group report, Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Sauce Labs or Mobile Testing and TestOps
Sauce Labs has dramatically expedited our time to release. We are in a compliance industry; this means that important changes are in the hands of our customers much sooner than we could do without Sauce Labs.

Sauce Labs customer (as told to Enterprise Strategy Group)

Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Sauce Labs for Mobile Testing and TestOps is an Economic Validation report conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) as commissioned by Sauce Labs. ESG surveyed 300 mobile engineers and validated the results by interviewing several Sauce Real Device Cloud customers. At a glance, ESG's findings show that increased mobile testing is transforming the risk management and cost efficiency of shipping code faster. Download ESG's Economic Validation report to learn how Sauce Labs helps customers:

  • Accelerate time to release by up to 50% compared to in-house testing environments and experience a 47% improvement in time to push code to production on a weekly or more frequent basis

  • Lower costs by eliminating approximately $200K in annual maintenance costs

  • Improve insight and agility to achieve a 75-100% reduction in testing bottlenecks, a 75% improvement in reducing breaking changes, and a 150% reduction in feature rollbacks

  • Reduce risk exposure through more complete testing, hardened code, error reporting and diagnostics, proactive Support, and reduced staffing risk

Enterprise Strategy Group's validated benefits of Sauce Labs for mobile application testing

Get your complimentary report

Download the full ESG economic analysis report to learn more about the state of mobile application development and testing and how Sauce Labs helps companies scale their mobile testing.

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Watch the replay of the roundtable discussion between Nathan McAfee, Senior Economic Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, Wim Selles, Staff Product Manager at Sauce Labs, and Kristian DeVito, Senior Solutions Engineer at Sauce Labs. They discussed the key findings of ESG's research and how it impacts organizations that develop web and mobile applications. Watch now

Apr 5, 2023
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