Secure mobile app testing from anywhere, anytime, on any iOS or Android device

The Sauce Real Device Cloud provides instant access to thousands of Android and iOS devices to run manual or automated mobile app tests, enabling your development and QA teams to test securely from virtually anywhere, anytime, on any device/OS combination.

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Make the most of Real Device Cloud with Private Devices

Sauce Labs Private Devices is your dedicated pool of real devices for more secure, faster, and scalable app testing.

Features of real device cloud

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Increase device coverage

Test native and hybrid apps on Android and iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, and more.

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Test as real-world users

Test user flows and mimic real-world conditions with features including biometric authentication, image injection, GPS simulation, gesture automation, and more.

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Accelerate debugging

Leverage the broadest suite of app diagnostic signals including network throttling and capture, crash reporting, and integrated support for Appium Inspector, DevTools, and ADB

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Real-time vitals

Get deeper visibility into the performance of your devices and apps under test and improve the time to resolve test failures with real-time vitals that include CPU usage, memory usage, and UI responsiveness.

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Choose Private or Public Devices

Get the flexibility to choose private and private devices to match your business needs and get the most of your investment.

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Streamline beta app distribution & management

Release mobile apps in shorter development cycles with streamlined beta app distribution and seamless cross-functional team collaboration across the mobile app development lifecycle.

Benefits of Sauce Real Device Cloud

Accelerate test execution

Reduce test execution time by running real device tests across multiple devices in parallel. Move fast by integrating into your existing CI/CD pipeline.

Increase device coverage

Get instant access to the most extensive range of iOS and Android real devices (including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, and more) and operating systems (including beta versions).

Reduce costs & operational burden

We take device procurement, maintenance, and updates off your plate. As new devices and new/beta OS’s become available, we add them to your environment.

Debug and release faster

Quickly determine the root cause of test failures, errors, and crashes with complete context and insights, diagnostics, and quality signals across pre-production and production.

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Determine the root cause of test failures and errors with mobile app diagnostic signals

The Sauce Real Device Cloud provides the most extensive range of mobile app diagnostic signals so you can get complete context and insights on test failures and errors. Understand app performance, detect and resolve UI issues, resolve errors and crashes, view and share test results, capture API and HTTP/S requests and responses, and more.

Test faster and earlier in the development cycle with emulators and simulators

Our Android emulators and iOS simulators are a scalable, highly reliable, and economical way to run automated tests on your mobile apps early in the development process. Always available and always secure, our emulators and simulators allow you to spend more time building great mobile apps and less time managing your automated testing infrastructure.

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Thanks to Sauce Labs, we are able to ensure that our apps work on over 700 browser/ OS combinations, 172 device emulators and over 300 unique real devices.

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Pranav Verma

Sr. Engineering Manager

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Sauce Labs has dramatically expedited our time to release. We are in a compliance industry; this means that important changes are in the hands of our customers much sooner than we could do without Sauce Labs.

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It is all about quality. Sauce Labs has helped us improve the quality of our deliverables and both our internal and external customer satisfaction.

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Sauce Labs helps us find and fix issues that we never thought of exploring in the past. Because of the visibility that Sauce Labs gives us, we handle things in the development phase instead of reacting to customer-reported issues.

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