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Posted November 14, 2023

Sauce Labs Launches Sauce Visual

Sauce Labs launches simple, powerful visual regression tool that streamlines UI testing.


SAN FRANCISCO, November 14, 2023 — Sauce Labs Inc., a leading provider of continuous testing software and quality assurance solutions, today announced Sauce Visual, adding native visual regression capabilities to its robust testing platform. Sauce Visual helps QA teams and software engineers catch more bugs with less code, simplify test creation and maintenance, and run visual and functional tests in parallel. In lab tests, Sauce Visual outperformed competing solutions—delivering 1.5X more visual proofs (snapshots) per minute, at a fraction of the price.

“The visual design process is complex. Multiple teams contribute to the look and feel of a page, making it difficult to detect and resolve quality issues,” said Marcus Merrell, Vice President of Technology Strategy. ”Most visual testing tools double the time it takes to execute a test suite, straining internal resources, while separate contracts, UIs, and credentials create unnecessary friction. Sauce Visual solves these problems by integrating visual testing seamlessly into the world's most robust test infrastructure.”

By automating the visual analysis of hundreds of pages, Sauce Visual gives teams confidence they can catch both intentional and unintentional changes to their UI. Updates to the visual presentation of a page are automatically highlighted, surfacing all visual inconsistencies and bringing attention to unintended changes that might have been missed by manual tests. These checks can be implemented with a single line of code — making it possible to complete visual and functional testing from one unified platform.   

“Digital experiences matter. Our research demonstrates that only 59% of consumers believe it’s possible to have a bad digital experience and still get a good product. Software quality is too important to be an afterthought; it’s critical that developers and designers alike have the right tools in their toolbox,” said Dave Rhodes, CEO of Sauce Labs. “Visual testing is an important differentiator for companies driven to create enjoyable digital experiences. Designers deserve to have resources that streamline the tedious manual process of visual design testing, and we’re tackling this challenge head on with Sauce Visual.”

Sauce Visual natively uses the same tools as the rest of the Sauce product line and can be integrated into any CI/CD process. At launch, Sauce Visual will work with Java/JUnit, Java/TestNG, WebDriverIO, Selenium, Appium (web) and Cypress, with support for Playwright, Puppeteer, TestCafe, Espresso, and XCUITest on the way. To learn more about how Sauce Visual can accelerate your testing workflow, book time with our team of testing experts.

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Clair Byrd

Clair Byrd


Nov 14, 2023
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