A dedicated pool of real devices for secure, faster, and scalable app testing

Sauce Labs Private Devices offer greater control, prioritized security, enhanced device management, and customizations to suit your business needs.

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Private Devices Key Benefits

Why choose private devices?

Private devices in the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud offer dedicated, reliable testing environments, enabling organizations to achieve faster, secure, and scalable software delivery.

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Dedicated to Your Organization

Get a dedicated pool of devices that are always available and only accessible to members of your organization.

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Prioritized Security

Have the confidence that only the right teams have access to their data with streamlined device assignments

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Team Management

Ensure better device allocation and access for teams who need them the most, by easily assigning private devices to specific teams

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Better Customizations

Enable specific settings which are set on the devices all the time (Note: Subject to Agreement)


Features Exclusive to Sauce Labs Private Devices

Here's what you can expect

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The flexibility to combine public or private devices for web, hybrid, and native app testing.

While our private devices are ideal for customers who need 24x7 access to dedicated devices and prioritized security, our public devices are ideal to increase test coverage cost-effectively, with support for a wide range of thoroughly cleaned devices.

Here are some good use cases for choosing available public devices:

  • Optimize test coverage cost-effectively

  • Reproduce bugs on a selection of hundreds of iOS and Android devices

  • Upload and spot check apps on devices you don’t have access to

  • Share manual test sessions and devices across teams worldwide

Benefits across Sauce Labs private and public devices:

  • A unified platform for testing across Android and iOS devices

  • Support for both automated and manual mobile tests 

  • Support for popular test automation frameworks (Appium, Espresso, and XCUITest)

  • Access to a team of experts to help you achieve your testing objectives

  • Enterprise-level support and customer success

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