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Posted April 10, 2024

Why a Real Device Testing Cloud is Good for Business

Maintaining physical devices can be costly, risky, and unsustainable in a way that negatively affects mobile app release cycles – and your bottom line. Learn why a real device testing cloud can help improve both the customer experience and the developer experience.


With a remote/hybrid workforce and the ever-evolving mobile device and operating system (OS) landscape, maintaining physical devices or devices on premises can quickly become costly, risky, and unsustainable, negatively affecting mobile app release cycles – and your bottom line.

Are Physical and On-Premise Devices for Mobile App Testing a Business Risk?

In a word, yes. When most employees were working in the office pre-pandemic, it’s likely that little thought was given to the cost or security of the office device cart.

But today, many remote/hybrid organizations that still rely on physical and on-premise devices for mobile app testing are experiencing a host of increased business risk, including:

  • Increased costs and operational burden from procuring, distributing, maintaining, and updating mobile devices on premises

  • Security and compliance risks when devices are lost, misplaced, or stolen

  • Slower development velocity and release speed due to limited access to devices, inefficient collaboration, and isolated app issues.

  • Increased application risk when bugs escape into production due to insufficient test coverage

Ultimately, your development and QA testing teams need to have the flexibility to work and test remotely without the cost, hassle, or risk of maintaining physical devices or device carts on premises.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Mobile App Testing Platform

Regardless of whether your company works in the office or in a remote/hybrid arrangement, a cloud-based mobile app testing platform offers many advantages.

Secure access anytime, anywhere

Test from anywhere. Your teams can be centrally located, spread out globally, or working from home. No more worrying about stolen competitive data due to lost, misplaced, or stolen devices.

Easier scalability

A cloud-based testing platform can scale to support both manual and automated testers running scripts. Developers can get immediate access to clean devices and OS combinations when they need them. 

Increased team productivity

With everything needed for mobile app testing in one place, distributed development and QA teams can more quickly and easily share test results and collaborate on resolving application issues. 

Expanded device coverage

Test your native and hybrid apps across a wide range of Android and iOS devices. A cloud-based testing platform provides your teams with immediate access to a broader mix of devices.

No maintenance or updates required 

Eliminate the pain to maintain physical and on-premises devices. You don’t need to worry about ensuring the right device mix, or dealing with the complexity of constant device, OS, or browser updates. 

Accelerated test execution

Run larger volumes of real device tests with low error rates.

On-Premise Real Device Testing

Cloud-based Real Device Testing




High Parallelism

Team Productivity

Error Monitoring & Analysis Across the SDLC

Real User Conditions



Beta Testing

Why Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud?

In today’s highly competitive market, delivering quality apps at speed is critical to revenue growth and business success.

The Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud provides instant access to thousands of Android and iOS devices to run manual or automated mobile app tests, enabling your development and QA teams to test securely from virtually anywhere, anytime, on any device/OS combination.

Sauce Labs real device cloud screen

Business benefits of the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud include:

Improved customer experience

Having instant access to the most extensive range of devices and beta/new OS’s allows you to:

  • Maximize device coverage to test on different device/OS combinations and screen sizes to ensure optimal coverage for your target customers.

  • Improve your app quality by identifying and fixing issues earlier in the development lifecycle.

  • Get real-world feedback by testing critical user flows with access to advanced features like biometric authentication, audio capture, and more.

Improved developer experience

When your development and QA teams can test from anywhere, anytime and on any device, they can:

  • Reduce test execution time by running a large number of manual and automated tests across multiple devices in parallel.

  • Resolve tests failures and issues faster with centralized reporting, the ability to quickly share test results via rich test assets (videos, screenshots, logs, etc.), and leveraging a comprehensive suite of diagnostic test signals.

  • Improve testing efficiency by utilizing a broad range of test automation frameworks and integration support that work seamlessly with your existing workflows, streamline bug reporting, and make CI/CD pipelines efficient.

Reduced costs and eliminate operational burden

We take device procurement, maintenance, and updates off your plate. As new devices and new/beta OS’s become available, we add them to your Real Device Cloud. All you have to do is test and focus on app innovation.

Enhanced security and compliance

Don't risk compromising your innovation and maintain complete control over device access and management with cloud-based real device testing.

You can choose a private device cloud to maintain greater control with a dedicated pool of devices, better device management, and enhanced customizations with company certificates. 

The Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud is SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and ISO 27701 certified, allowing you to protect your data and meet your company’s security requirements.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud provides flexible options to get your teams access to the mobile devices they need – anytime, anywhere. Contact us to get started with your cloud-based real device testing today.

Wim Selles
Staff Product Manager at Sauce Labs
Apr 10, 2024
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