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Posted June 8, 2023

Sauce Labs and TestRail Integrate to Accelerate Releases with Greater Efficiency and Lower Risk

Integrated solution unifies test management, test optimization, test orchestration, and scalable test automation on a collaborative platform


San Francisco, June 8, 2023 - Sauce Labs Inc, the leading provider of continuous testing and scalable test automation solutions, and TestRail, a centralized test management platform, today announced an integration to enable engineering and product teams to accelerate digital innovation without prohibitively increasing risk. Today, many company leaders have found that improving the confidence in the quality of releases early in the development lifecycle is the key to providing their users with frictionless experiences on any device, anywhere in the world.

The combined power of Sauce Labs and TestRail provides engineers with fast feedback for fail-fast approaches from the command line that save both engineering time and headaches. As framework and programming-language-agnostic platforms, engineering teams can bring any test case and script to this converged platform solution and gain a single source of QA truth. This approach not only streamlines requirements traceability but also enables engineering teams to unify test results for valuable insights and AI tools, optimizing cost-efficiency and time to market.

“Engineering teams on large or complex projects often struggle to incorporate a consistent quality practice into their development cycle when release velocity is of utmost importance. It’s difficult to know which requirements are critical to test that give them confidence their releases will work the first time a user experiences it. Engineers need confidence that each code change can be released safely into production,” explains Mike Donovan, VP of product at Sauce Labs. “With the TestRail integration, Sauce Labs users are assured of having both enough test coverage and confidence in their releases, all through a single pane of glass. Early and continuous feedback loops optimize test efficiency, speed, accuracy and stability. This is particularly advantageous for any organization that incorporates automated testing into their compliance, security, and legal requirements.”

Spiking demand for faster mobile development and fast-emerging user stories involving generative AI significantly contribute to the increased complexity in test cases. With so many moving parts in modern user scenarios, engineering and product teams feel increased pressure to collaborate more effectively—as early as possible in the development lifecycle. By connecting test management with test automation and orchestration, TestRail and Sauce Labs users gain end-to-end traceability and unified test insights, helping them make data-driven decisions about shipping with quality at speed. With better collaboration, transparency, and confidence early in the lifecycle, it becomes easier for engineering and product leaders to approve greater investment in test automation and CI/CD pipelines.

Automation plays a vital role in ensuring the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of regression tests. By automating repetitive tests, teams can execute a greater number of tests in less time and expand their test coverage. This enables QA teams to focus on exploratory and risk-based testing, ultimately enhancing the user experience and overall application quality.

“The TestRail and Sauce Labs integration is an innovative solution that addresses the complex challenges of automated testing,” said George Eggers, general manager of TestRail. “Together, our tools enable teams to reduce the time and resources required for testing without compromising on quality. This is a win-win solution that ultimately gives QA teams the ability to focus on improving user experiences.”

Key Features of the Sauce Labs-TestRail Integration

  • Single Source of Truth: TestRail serves as a centralized platform for managing all tests and test results. By reporting test automation results alongside manual test results in TestRail, teams benefit from a unified repository and history of all testing efforts.

  • Enhanced Visibility and Reporting: Real-time visualization of test data helps identify areas of risk. The integration allows the entire QA team to access up-to-date testing information, regardless of who executed the tests. TestRail's built-in reports help isolate problems and optimize quality processes.

  • End-to-End Traceability: TestRail enables reporting on traceability between development requirements, automated tests run in Sauce Labs, and defects. This ensures compliance for audits and security requirements while leveraging the power of continuous testing.

  • Improved Collaboration: Tracking all test activities and quality metrics in TestRail fosters transparency and visibility in QA. Teams can easily access all test results, whether manual or automated, in one place, enabling quick issue identification and resolution.

  • Streamlined Testing: By using Sauce Labs for automated tests and integrating it with TestRail, teams can speed up the process of building, maintaining, and reporting on automated tests. This saves time and effort, allowing teams to focus on improving software quality.

  • Test Orchestration: The integration supports test orchestration for web and mobile applications using Sauce Orchestrate. Teams can bring any test suite, framework or language.

With the Sauce Labs and TestRail integration, organizations run automated tests using the saucectl CLI tool provided by Sauce Labs and then utilize TestRail's CLI tool to upload the test automation results to TestRail. The process seamlessly consolidates all test results into TestRail, creating a unified repository for all testing efforts and test artifacts. Organizations will benefit from the elimination of testing silos, gain a comprehensive view of their testing activities, and drive efficiency in their testing processes.

Join Our Upcoming Mobile Quality Summit to Learn More

To learn more about the Sauce Labs and TestRail integration and its transformative impact on test automation visibility and efficiency, sign up for our partner event, Mobile Quality Summit: Test Creation and Management Strategies for Enterprise App Development, on June 20 at 12:00 PM EDT (6:00 PM CEST).

About TestRail

TestRail is the only centralized QA platform that gives you the power to build, connect, and optimize all of your testing processes. Over 10,000 QA teams use TestRail to release flawless products faster by testing more efficiently, getting real-time visibility at scale, and building confidence in QA. 

About Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a leader in providing cutting-edge continuous testing and error-reporting solutions that streamline the creation, delivery, and enhancement of high-quality code. With over five billion tests performed on its cloud test infrastructure including a unified data intelligence layer, Sauce Labs provides a complete solution to optimize testing speed, efficiency, and scalability.

Jun 8, 2023
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