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Posted May 2, 2023

FactSet Debugs & Resolves Crashes Faster with Sauce Error Reporting

Learn why FactSet, a financial data and analytics platform, chose Sauce Labs to replace their in-house error monitoring and reporting solution.


FactSet, a financial data and analytics platform, needed a faster, more performant error monitoring and reporting solution than what they were using in-house.

Logan Capaldo, Principal Software Architect, and Tyler Murtha, Lead Software Engineer, sat down with Sauce Labs to discuss their experience using Sauce Error Reporting (formerly known as Backtrace). 


FactSet started out with their own native C++ code and homegrown error monitoring and reporting solution, but the upkeep and lack of speed and insights posed challenges for their team. The team began looking for a vendor that could increase reliability and debug crashes in both macro and micro instances.

Sauce Error Reporting checked all of those boxes.


Sauce Error Reporting provides variables, feedback, and queries at a much faster rate than FactSet’s homegrown solution could. The FactSet team can now pinpoint the cause of crashes to debug and reproduce issues more rapidly.

FactSet’s Senior Software Engineer Tyler Murtha shares that he can quickly and easily understand the code errors that lead to a crash even though he is not an end user of the tool. The fact that value is attainable regardless of coding expertise is what differentiates Sauce Error Reporting from similar solutions on the market. The team also benefited from the reliability engineering feature, which provides insight into where and how crashes happen.

Tyler shared that “being able to debug low-level crashes by finding out what the issue is, and either reproducing the issue myself or handing it off to another team, is very different than every other crash reporting solution we’ve had.”


Sauce Error Reporting provides the efficient error monitoring and reporting solution that FactSet was looking for. FactSet can now find and debug end user errors, identify why crashes happen, share information to collaborate more effectively, and resolve issues faster with powerful insights.

Sauce Error Reporting has enabled FactSet to improve their time to diagnose and fix issues and the quality of their application, while increasing their confidence in deployment with a better crash monitoring and alerting process.

May 2, 2023
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