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Posted May 10, 2023

Announcing Sauce Orchestrate for Transforming Test Automation in Your CI

Learn how Sauce Orchestrate can help you go to market faster, improve the developer experience, and optimize your CI/CD pipeline while reducing CI costs.

Winning in today's highly competitive digital marketplace means going to market faster–and preferably getting there first. But the demand for accelerated innovation requires faster development and testing. For companies without the right tools and strategy, this is where release cycles slow down, application quality drops, and costs can balloon.

For many companies, shifting testing left means increasing the volume of automated tests in their CI/CD pipelines. According to the GitLab 2023 Global DevSecOps Report, automated testing through CI increased by 50% in 2022, and testing continues to be one of the top bottlenecks throughout the CI process.

One of the causes of this bottleneck? Longer test execution times, which result in fewer automated tests that can run each day. And for many companies this leads to a stale test automation suite, wasting the significant investment made in test automation (money, resources, and time). Slow test execution times can also impact development velocity and test reliability, and prevent teams from getting the quality signals they need to ensure confidence in the quality of their applications.

That's why we built Sauce Orchestrate: an all-in-one, purpose-built solution for both browser and mobile testing that offers significant performance improvements for test automation execution and provides unique test orchestration capabilities that are fundamental to a scalable and highly flexible platform.

What is Sauce Orchestrate?

Sauce Orchestrate is a unique and transformational approach to web and mobile application testing that helps enterprise development teams go to market faster, reduce CI costs, and improve the developer experience.

Watch this video for a quick explainer of how it works:

Sauce Labs bot logo followed by text on screen: What is Sauce Orchestrate?
What is Sauce Orchestrate?

Go to Market Faster

Sauce Orchestrate provides purpose-built capabilities designed to increase the speed and efficiency of app development and testing, including:

  • Faster testing vs. remote execution: Enables Sauce Labs to execute test suites from within our grid and removes most of the network overhead of the traditional remote grids to help customers test faster.

  • Improved reliability: Reduces unpredictable network issues, and helps to focus developers’ time on innovation by eliminating the need to troubleshoot errors caused by the heavy network overhead of a remote grid.

  • Faster testing, from anywhere: Customers will see test performance improvements no matter where they are on the globe as it removes the bulk of the impact geographic latency has on the test execution time.

Achieve CI/CD Excellence

Sauce Orchestrate helps reduce the burden and costs of maintaining CI:

  • Optimize CI/CD: Helps to remove complex test configurations and the continuous maintenance hassle on CI, to helps teams easily orchestrate and maintain multiple CI builds.

  • Reduce CI/CD spend: Reduces the burden on resource-constrained CI by offloading the compute cycles for test execution to Sauce Labs.

Improve the Developer Experience

Sauce Orchestrate reduces unpredictable network issues and eliminates the need to troubleshoot errors caused by the heavy network overhead of a remote grid. This improves the developer experience through:

  • Faster feedback: Significantly cuts down browser and mobile testing feedback time for developers, so they can focus on development and innovation.

  • Support for any framework, any language: Maintains developer focus and context with support for any language and test automation framework available in Sauce Labs. 

  • Integration with saucectl CLI: Fully integrates with saucectl CLI our robust command line tool, enabling the configuration of test orchestration from YAML in your source code repositories.

How Does Sauce Orchestrate Work?

Sauce Orchestrate allows developers to execute test automation suites within the Sauce Labs grid by packaging test code in a Docker container and then uploading the file to Sauce Labs. This approach reduces unpredictable network issues and eliminates the need to troubleshoot errors caused by the heavy network overhead of a remote grid.

  • Built on Docker: Integrates with any docker registry. Simply package your test code in a Docker image and send to Sauce Labs for execution within our grid.

  • Supports mobile and browser tests: Run tests on any device, browser, and any language and test automation framework available in Sauce Labs.

  • Integrates with CI: Easily integrates with your CI pipelines through our developer-friendly command line interface (saucectl) or a simple API.

  • Execution logs and test results: Access debugging information (execution logs) and test results through our purpose-built UI and API.

Get Started with Sauce Orchestrate Today

Are you ready to increase the speed, scalability, and reliability of your organization's browser and mobile testing? Go to the documentation to get started with Sauce Orchestrate today or request a demo to see the value for yourself.

Mike Donovan
VP of Product, Sauce Labs
Ashwini Sathe
Sr. Group Product Marketing Manager
May 10, 2023
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See how you can transform test automation and CI/CD with Sauce Orchestrate


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