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Posted August 9, 2016

Emmi Uses Sauce Labs to Conduct Automated Cloud-Based Testing

Emmi Solutions uses Sauce Labs to cut testing time, offload maintenance, and support its DevOps model.


Emmi develops patient engagement solutions that help people take active roles in their health and wellbeing.

Relying on Sauce Labs for parallelization, Emmi runs hundreds of tests and more than 30 builds daily.

The Challenge

Emmi is a fast-growing developer of technology-based, interactive patient engagement solutions that empower people to partner and participate in their care and take ownership of their health and wellbeing. Emmi’s web-based multimedia programs and interactive call campaigns enable healthcare organizations to engage people in their care.

Software testing is an essential part of the organization’s success. “It’s critical that the solutions we deliver have been thoroughly tested on different devices and platforms,” says Anshul Sharma, Lead QA Automation Engineer at Emmi. Working in an agile environment, Emmi’s 20 developers and six QA engineers rely on automated testing using Selenium software to test all code changes. “We have a goal of continuous deployment for all our software projects,” says Sharma. “We currently practice DevOps in development and QA, with Jenkins as our CI server, and we will eventually use DevOps for production as well.”

However, the organization’s path to DevOps was hindered by its automated testing solution. “Our testing solution required that we maintain the virtual machines ourselves, and it also was hard to try and maintain and upgrade browser versions,” says Sharma. “Also, it was difficult to determine when tests failed. It took four engineers a week or more to figure out how to fix the solution when it wasn’t working.”

The Solution

Emmi decided to use Sauce Labs, an automated cloud-based testing solution that integrates with Selenium. “We liked the broader browser coverage Sauce Labs provides,” says Sharma. “We didn’t have the bandwidth to maintain 30 different versions of Internet Explorer and 10 different versions of Firefox.”

The company’s software and QA engineers use 10 Sauce Labs virtual machines with Selenium automation software to run daily smoke and regression tests. Emmi runs hundreds of tests and more than 30 builds each day, automatically kicked off from their Jenkins CI server.

The organization also relies on Sauce ConnectTM proxy, a secure TLS tunnel that encrypts communication between firewalled apps and the Sauce Cloud. “We wouldn’t be able to run automated tests on Sauce Labs without Sauce Connect,” says Sharma.

The Results

Using Sauce Labs, Emmi has a more stable and reliable software testing solution. “We don’t have test servers going down anymore – they’re available whenever we need them,” Sharma says. The company can also test across a wide range of browsers. “The fact that we can support so many different browsers and operating systems is a huge benefit for us,” says Sharma.

Emmi can also better support its DevOps strategy with Sauce Labs. “Automated testing with Sauce Labs is a huge part of our DevOps approach at Emmi,” says Sharma. “We can maintain our agile processes and continue working toward continuous integration and a full DevOps environment,” says Sharma. “We currently release new code every two weeks, but that will probably become a daily process at some point. Using Sauce Labs, we will enable an automated deployment pipeline from development to production.”

Additionally, Emmi is reducing testing time and identifying and fixing bugs faster. “We run automated tests for every build on Sauce Labs to ensure that any new functionality has not broken the previous application code,” says Sharma. “As a result, we are saving a substantial amount of testing time. Now, our engineers can focus on writing scripts, rather than maintaining the testing infrastructure or worrying about VMs being down.”

Looking ahead, Emmi plans to explore the Appium framework and Sauce Labs for mobileapplication testing. “We’ve had a great experience so far. We’ve been able to create a solid, data-driven framework with Selenium and Sauce Labs,” says Sharma. “Using Sauce Labs, we have less work, less coding, and more results.”

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