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Posted May 23, 2023

Gannett Reduces Test Execution Time by 92% with Sauce Labs

Discover how Gannett, the largest U.S. newspaper publisher and owner of USA Today Network, is accelerating testing, increasing efficiency, and improving the developer experience with Sauce Labs.

Because of Sauce Labs’ Extended Debugging capabilities, we can get to the root cause of errors more quickly. Working with Sauce Labs has made our testing processes significantly more efficient.

Aaron Wolford

Software Development Engineer in Test


Gannett wanted to speed up testing and improve the developer experience by shifting to full test automation. Manual testing and maintaining an internal grid were inefficient and time-consuming for the team, and resulted in slower releases, wasted resources, and a lower-quality user experience.

With 124 million unique users and 1.1 billion total page views hitting USA Today’s media network every month, the team needed a reliable test automation tool that could help them push quality code to production faster and with confidence.

In addition to needing support for high-velocity releases, the team was also looking for a strategic partner that could ensure data accuracy so they could deliver robust usability analysis and reporting across multiple analytics providers.


The Gannett team found what they were looking for with the Sauce Labs unified test platform. The Extended Debugging feature of Sauce Insights, the platform’s reporting and analytics tool, not only rapidly validated data to ensure accuracy, but also provided testing analytics that enabled faster feedback and alerting, data integrity assurance, and customer insights for business decision-making.

Case Study - Sauce Labs x Gannett


Since partnering with Sauce Labs, Gannett is running over 40,000 test cases concurrently and has reduced test execution time by 92%. Kicking off a build for one of Gannett’s market segments takes about 15 minutes, which previously took over three hours with manual testing. In addition to saving time, Gannett has achieved cost savings of $4,760 per market. Gannett Software Development Engineer Aaron Wolford said, “We’re not just one market, and we’re just getting started. Right now the test suite has four markets, which add up to almost $20,000, and this will continue to grow as we build out those tests and add more markets.”

The Gannett team has scaled its testing operation and is leveraging complete and correct data from Sauce Labs analytics to make better business decisions. As their partnership continues, Gannett plans to iterate on their success with the Sauce platform so their teams can comprehensively test code prior to release and catch bugs earlier.

This case study was featured in a previous SauceCon event. Check out more Sauce Labs case studies for customer success stories like this one.

May 23, 2023
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