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Posted October 20, 2022

Domuso Decreases Automated Testing Time by 75%, Scales Test Coverage to Support Business Growth with Sauce Labs

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Domuso Decreases Automated Testing Time by 75%, Scales Test Coverage to Support Business Growth with Sauce Labs

Domuso, a rental management startup, needed a scalable automated testing solution that would support their business growth while improving the performance and customer experience of their web and mobile applications.

The Challenge

As Domuso began to grow their user base and expand their offering to include a mobile app, they realized that their automated testing strategy was unscalable and lacked device coverage. To add to these challenges, Domuso’s parallel test runs took several hours overnight to complete, and the team didn’t have visibility into where or why certain errors were occurring.

The Solution

To scale their automated testing capabilities to support business growth and deliver a better user experience to their customers, Domuso needed an automated testing tool that would help them ramp up parallel testing speed and efficiency, get higher-quality feedback faster, enhance debugging capabilities, and reduce test execution time.

To solve these challenges, Domuso chose Sauce Labs because of the platform’s virtual machine coverage, emulators and simulators, and video playback and debugging tools.

The Results

Domuso is now running eight parallel test threads in just 30-45 minutes, down from three hours previously. Before Sauce Labs, they had limited insight into the cause of certain test behavior. The team has found Sauce Labs’ video playback feature to be highly efficient and insightful, as it allows them to look back on historical data to identify bugs that may have happened months ago. The screenshot evidence allows them to pinpoint issues and avoid future mistakes.

Domuso’s partnership with Sauce Labs enables them to save time running tests, identify the root cause of test failures, and quickly locate where bugs are creating problems. With Sauce Labs, the Domuso team is driving continuous improvement and delivering a better customer experience.

Oct 20, 2022
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