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Nikolay Advolodkin

Nikolay Advolodkin

​​Nikolay Advolodkin, Sr. Developer Advocate at Sauce Labs, is a distinguished software development and test automation expert, acclaimed international speaker, and AI explorer, currently serving as a Principal Developer Advocate at Sauce Labs and Founder of UltimateQA. With an unquenchable thirst for technology and a deep-seated passion for teaching, Nikolay has successfully trained over 150,000 developers across 184 countries, reflecting his universal appeal and commitment to broadening the horizons of knowledge. Nikolay can help you with: Automated web testing using JavaScript, Java, C#; Using AI for web development; Test and framework optimization & CICD.

Titus Fortner

Titus Fortner

Titus Fortner, , Sr Developer Advocate, Selenium Core Committer, is an open source software developer and a core contributor to automated testing projects including Selenium and Watir. He implemented automated testing solutions at several companies before joining Sauce Labs as a Solutions Architect. As a Senior Developer Advocate at Sauce Labs, Titus is passionate about building communities and improving the software industry’s understanding of successful testing at scale. Titus can help you with: Writing Test Automation Frameworks (Java, Ruby, C#, Python); Testing strategy — how to test which things; Writing atomic tests with maintainable abstractions; Strategies for synchronization between code and application; Managing test data (autonomous, scalable) & Leveraging APIs in testing.

Diego Molina

Diego Molina

Diego Molina, Staff Software Engineer, OSPO Lead, Tech Lead of Selenium, is an avid Software Engineer with a deep love for testing. He aims to improve the testing landscape by crafting tools and robust testing infrastructure that empower individuals and organizations to test smarter and simpler. Diego is a Selenium tech lead and lead of the Open Source Program Office at Sauce Labs. He is a Staff Software Engineer for Open Source and Community at Sauce Labs. Diego can help you with: Testing strategies and testing approaches in general; CI/CD; Using Docker to boost CI/CD and testing reliability; Web testing automation and API testing; How to get started with test automation & Open Source tools and frameworks.

Eyal Yovel photo

Eyal Yovel

Eyal bring over 20 years of extensive experience in testing architecture, automation, and development. Eyal passion lies in crafting and optimizing robust test automation strategies and processes while staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and cutting-edge test frameworks. Additionally, Eyal is dedicated to mentoring and empowering both developers and testers to enhance their testing proficiencies and methodologies. Eyal can help you with: Automated mobile testing using Java and WebDriverIO; How to run your Espresso and XCUITest frameworks on Sauce devices and Emulators/Simulators; How to use Appium Inspector; Test and framework optimization & CI/CD.

Paloma Oliveira photo

Paloma Oliveira

Paloma Oliveira, Open Source Developer Evangelist at Sauce Labs, is an avid promoter of FOSS and open source since 2009, she's a strong activist for diversity and equity in technology spaces. Paloma co-organizes PyLadies Berlin and mentors at FrauenLoop. Paloma can help you with: All things Open Source 101; Want to become a contributor and need help figuring out where to start? Have a project and want to enhance it to gain more contributors?

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