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Case Study

Posted August 3, 2021

IT Company Realizes 70% Reduction In Time and Effort After Automating Critical Business Processes

Faced with the need to automate 250 manual test cases and a 24-hour deadline to migrate from PeopleSoft to Oracle HCM, this leading IT services firm turned to Sauce Low-Code to deliver on time.


The Challenge

A leading IT services firm that offers infrastructure outsourcing services as well as architecture guidance help clients all over the world make a successful transition from traditional data centers to cloud-based computing. As a publicly-traded company, they gross over $1 billion in revenue and have more than 60 offices in 19 countries around the world.

The company came to Sauce Low-Code with two distinct challenges - first, automating their suite of 250 manual test cases. To achieve their regression testing, the company was dependent on manual processes. The cost of implementation was high due to long testing cycles lasting over two weeks and it became increasingly difficult for them to complete their testing before seasonal updates. This posed an ongoing security risk in the Oracle HCM instance. 

Next, meeting a hard deadline to migrate from PeopleSoft to OracleHCM. To test this migration, there was a requirement to create 500 “new positions for hire” with different combinations of data that could load up in Oracle HCM and be used for testing. Creating a new position involved performing roughly sixty steps, end-to-end, using a homegrown application called Position Creation Request. They were spending fifteen minutes per position with their manual efforts. They had to complete this task within twenty-four hours to deliver on their deadline.

The Solution

The tool of choice to tackle their first challenge was Sauce Low-Code’s AI-enabled Test Automation product. As the engine of low-code and no-code testing in the Sauce Labs DevOps Toolchain, the services provider was able to reduce the time it takes to complete their test regression from a couple weeks to four days. Sauce Low-Code empowered their team of manual testers with a codeless platform that didn’t require any technical knowledge to automate the scripting process.

Leveraging Sauce Low-Code’s Enterprise Automation Platform, the company was able to create an easy workflow in less than two hours to tackle the second challenge of data migration from PeopleSoft to OracleHCM. This workflow created a position that was run in a loop for 500 times to generate the required data to test the migration. The complete data set was generated in ten hours, meeting their 24-hour deadline, and the on-premise solution provided them a secure sandbox to generate the data.

“With Sauce Low-Code’s Enterprise Automation Platform, we were able to meet our tight migration deadlines, which otherwise seems impossible,” the company’s CIO states.

The Results

The team was successful in adopting test automation without the need to hire additional resources or developing their own Selenium testing framework. Through Sauce Low-Code’s natural language testing studio, manual overhead was reduced by 92% and they were able to improve both the quality and efficiency of maintaining Oracle releases. 

When it came to migrating from PeopleSoft to OracleHCM, the company also eliminated 100% of the process automation workload and freed up a great deal of time and resources. Within a few days, the Sauce Low-Code integration had helped address the challenges that prevented the IT delivery team from hitting their goals with a very time consuming migration. 

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