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Posted October 25, 2022

Cheetah Digital Chooses Sauce Labs for Stability and Reliability

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Cheetah Digital Chooses Sauce Labs for Stability and Reliability

Cheetah Digital, an enterprise marketing platform provider, adopts Sauce Labs to replace their costly and inefficient in-house testing solution.

The Challenge

Cheetah Digital was using an in-house web app and mobile web app testing solution that lacked the coverage to run a large volume of tests at high speed. Cheetah needed an alternative solution that would help them speed up test execution times, manage and parallelize a high volume of test cases, modernize QA efforts, and ultimately shift their strategy from manual to automated testing.

The Solution

The Sauce Labs platform was chosen for its stability, high performance, and reliability. With Sauce Labs, Cheetah transitioned their testing strategy from manual to automated testing and Selenium. This switch not only enabled their team to run tests more quickly, but also to release higher-quality code with greater confidence. Ultimately, Sauce Labs eliminated the headaches of Cheetah’s in-house solution.

The Results

By partnering with Sauce Labs, Cheetah Digital has saved time and increased availability while gaining access to features that allow them to do things like leverage APIs with video downloads. 

Their comprehensive tests now work seamlessly throughout the entire end-to-end process. Cheetah has also gained the ability to house all of their test cases in one place, which allows them to run tests faster and more efficiently.

Cheetah Digital is confidently running automated tests and releasing code with the stability, high performance, and reliability provided by Sauce Labs. This winning combination is what Tim Lawrence, Cheetah’s Director of Engineering, considered deciding factors for their partnership, which continues to be a worthwhile investment.

Oct 25, 2022
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