Tech Talk: How to Integrate Sauce Labs into your CI CD Pipeline

Posted Feb 18th, 2019

Webinar Date: Feb 18th, 2019

In today’s era of software development, developers ‘throwing’ builds and features ‘over the wall’ to testers on another team (and the long feedback loops that occurred as a result) no longer needs to be the norm. Thanks in part to Test Automation, developers and QA are working in tighter collaboration to enable fast feedback on code quality, and are releasing better quality software, faster.

In this newest Tech Talk installment, Sauce Labs and CI/CD – Using Sauce in Your Pipeline, Sauce Labs Solutions Architect Josh Grant will demonstrate how by building a CI/CD pipeline, integrating with the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud and combining strengths, developers and testers can greatly shorten feedback loops and improve overall software quality.

View the Tech Talk for this and more information on Sauce Labs and CI/CD – Using Sauce in Your Pipeline.


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