Decreasing False Positives in Automated Testing

Posted Mar 24th, 2015

Webinar Date: Mar 24th, 2015

False positives: automated testing’s arch nemesis.

When automated tests are written well, they are part of a healthy CI/CD process that can save developer time and company money. But when a team gets false positives from unreliable tests, the entire build can get derailed. What’s worse, too many false positives can erode an organization's belief in the value of using a test automation framework at all.

In this webinar, Anand Ramakrishnan of QASource will walk you through what false positives are and provide key strategies to reduce or eliminate them.

This webinar covers:

  • What false positives are and why they occur
  • Common causes & the challenges they create
  • How to implement key strategies to reduce them
  • Why implementing these strategies is essential for increasing productivity and reducing cost, as well as time to market
  • Case studies and real world examples

There is a Q&A following the presentation.


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