Sauce Testrunner ToolKit

Speed up testing and unify results with a containerized solution

Sauce Testrunner ToolKit

Unify testing and deliver digital confidence across every team

The saucectl CLI is a containerized solution that simplifies setting up end-to-end web tests, speeds up test execution times, and unifies test results for better analysis and debugging.

Accelerate release cycles

Speed up local and CI/CD testing through this open source containerized solution. Set up tests in minutes and take advantage of parallelization with a free Sauce Labs account.

Test the way you want

Run end-to-end tests using your open source automation tool of choice, such as Cypress or Playwright, and unify test signals in Sauce Labs.

Unified view of quality signals

Analyze test results for your entire organization in Sauce Labs. Spot trends to debug faster and improve product performance.

Sauce Testrunner Toolkit Overview

Sauce Testrunner Toolkit features


Test where you want

Choose to test in your local environment or CI/CD pipeline.


Parallel testing

Run unlimited tests in your CI/CD.


Cross-team Insights dashboard

Share tests results with your team and see unified analytics.


Open source automation tools

Supports tests from Cypress, TestCafe, Puppeteer, Playwright and Selenium.


View video recordings and screenshots

Review test video recordings and screenshots alongside test results for better debugging.


Containerized testing solution

Get started fast with preconfigured Docker containers that include browsers, automation tools and test frameworks.

Developer Saucebot

Get started with Sauce Testrunner Toolkit and start shifting front-end testing left