Sauce Labs for TestCafe

Scale your TestCafe tests with Sauce Labs

Run tests at scale on the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud.

Sauce Testrunner ToolKit

Supercharge your testing with TestCafe on Sauce Labs

Increase developer productivity by using the Sauce Cloud to scale your TestCafe testing across your organization and have a unified view of quality for faster release cycles.

Scalable testing solution

Access TestCafe testing solutions on Sauce Cloud to run tests at scale on Sauce's preconfigured infrastructure or locally in a container.

Test insights and videos

View test results and test insights on Sauce Labs for better debugging.

Release faster in CI/CD

Integrate testing into your CI/CD pipeline and shift-testing left.

Reduce risk with scalable testing

With saucectl, you have a ready-to-use test environment for when you test locally or in CI/CD. Through pre-configured Docker images and VMs, test results are sent to Sauce Labs to provide test insights for debugging. And when you need extra speed, use Sauce Labs to speed up your tests through mass scale and parallelization.



Easily configure tests through a .yaml file


CI/CD Integration

Easily integrate into any CI/CD


Sauce Cloud

Access to thousands of VMs to speed up testing in Parallel


Parallelized testing

Run tests in parallel at scale


Containerized solution

Pre-configured Docker images with latest Cypress and browsers


Flexible execution

Choose to test in your local environment or CI/CD pipeline


Insights dashboard

Share tests results with your team and see unified analytics


Access test results

Test videos, screenshots and insights for better debugging

Developer Saucebot

Get started with saucectl and supercharge your test pipeline