Selenium IDE 1.0.6 is released!

Posted Mar 27th, 2010

Selenium IDE 1.0.6 is now available. For those of you running 1.0.5, the update will automatically be pushed to you over the next couple days, and the rest will have it once we point AMO at the installer. If you are new to Selenium IDE then you can...
Download Selenium-IDE 1.0.6 now
The most important bug fix this release is the log message that was displayed in red (scary!) when executing an open command. Other than that, it was mainly just some incremental stuff. Here are the top 3 changes in terms of what I think most people care about.
  • Deal with new Open semantics - Under normal usage, the open command takes just a Target, but now you can also give a Value. If you provide anything other than 'true' it will do an AJAXy HEAD request to the server to determine whether the resource is on the server. There was a bit of an issue with the on/off logic that was causing this to be triggered inappropriately resulting in the error message and in some cases errors on the web server (when they had not configured how to deal with HEAD requests). I believe we have fixed this.
  • Type ahead - Some people using Firefox 3.6.x were seeing errors when using the command type ahead. That should work without error now.
  • Default Record Status - It always bugged me that Se-IDE was recording as soon as it opened. There is now a preference for controlling that behaviour

To see the full release notes and who contributed what, visit the Google Code wiki. Also on the Google Code site is the Issue Tracker for any problems you find. (Just make sure you tag them as ide.)

Written by

Adam Goucher