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Posted August 31, 2023

Intelligent Mobile Debugging

Learn about our intelligent debugging tools that allow developers to find and fix bugs earlier, release faster, and deliver high-quality customer experiences.


Software bugs happen, but when 44% of errors take more than a day to fix, your organization loses precious time and money. Further, ignored bugs that are released into production wreak havoc among end users. In fact, our Every Experience Matters report found that 53% of users will uninstall an app if it crashes, freezes, or incurs errors.

The longer developers spend diagnosing and resolving software bugs that lead to detrimental application issues, the less time they have to code and deliver innovative digital customer experiences. You also risk longer release cycles, increased application risk, and critical bugs being released to production–all of which impact both the customer experience and your bottom-line revenue.

With the stakes this high, it's important to equip your development team with the right tools to support fast and efficient mobile software debugging.

The solution is Sauce Labs intelligent mobile debugging tool suite.

What is Sauce Labs Intelligent Mobile Debugging?

Sauce Labs offers a mobile debugging tool suite that enable efficient and cost-effective root cause analysis and debugging across the software development lifecycle, from production to post-release.

The Sauce Labs intelligent debugging tool suite allow development teams to find and fix bugs earlier, release faster, and deliver high-quality customer experiences.

Customers that use Sauce Labs experience material improvements in their debugging, including:

  • Enhanced software reliability by detecting 95% more issues*

  • 50% reduction in resolution time*

  • 86% reduction in application build time, with the opportunity to save 100+ engineering hours* 

  • 41% faster triage of issues**

  • 75-100% reduction in testing bottlenecks**

  • 75% improvement in reducing breaking changes**

  • 150% reduction in feature rollbacks**

Why Sauce Labs Intelligent Mobile Debugging?

Sauce Labs offers the only intelligent mobile debugging solution with a combined toolset to solve complex defects across the entire SDLC, including:

With Sauce Labs intelligent mobile debugging, you can achieve scale, stability, speed, and insights to more quickly and efficiently diagnose, prioritize, and resolve bugs and errors.

View this quick interactive demo to see how it works. 

Who is Sauce Labs Intelligent Mobile Debugging For?

Sauce Labs intelligent mobile debugging suite is designed to empower your entire engineering organization, from QAs and SDETs, to developers and managers, to engineering leaders. Here's how.

Engineering leaders

You want to build reliable mobile applications with confidence. Here's how Sauce Labs intelligent mobile debugging allows you to:

  • Increase release stability: Find bugs prior to release and surface errors across teams with Sauce Error Reporting. Monitor and capture issues to provide actionable signals for crashes and errors across all platforms.

  • Enable product innovation: View and share test results to create faster feedback loops that enable developers to debug and build more effectively so they can spend more time focused on what they love: delivering quality applications.

  • Decrease application risk: Sauce Labs Dev Tools for Chrome and Safari simplify the inspection and modification of DOM elements, and provide developers with the most comprehensive network analysis. Identify performance issues early in the SDLC and address them before customers experience them.

Software developers and managers

You want to build reliable mobile applications with confidence. Here's how Sauce Labs intelligent mobile debugging enables you to:

  • Maintain a comprehensive test suite overview: Sauce Insights provides a holistic test suite view, allowing teams to utilize test trends over time to identify areas for improvement and avoid repeat issues. 

  • Remove bottlenecks and increase productivity: Failure analysis accelerates root cause analysis by using proprietary machine learning algorithms to automatically prioritizing issues by severity so that development teams know where to focus efforts. 

  • Focus on the most detrimental issues: View and analyze error and crash data with Sauce Error Reporting so you can better triage, prioritize, and resolve critical errors.

Mobile QA engineers and SDETs

You want to decrease the time to diagnose and resolve issues. Here's how Sauce Labs intelligent mobile debugging allows you to:

  • Increase test coverage: Test applications across thousands of devices and operating systems with our real device cloud. Run live or automated mobile app tests and enable your teams to detect, diagnose, and resolve issues. Additionally, Virtual USB, which integrates directly into the dev environment, allows you to debug on remote devices and easily reproduce complex issues to speed up the process. 

  • Find and fix issues quickly: Leverage mobile app diagnostics to surface errors using our broad suite of app diagnostic information, catch bugs prior to release, and reduce red (failed tests) to green (passed tests) in less time. Use video logs and screenshots to reproduce and fix real bugs at speed.

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