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Posted November 22, 2023

Meet Sauce Labs: The Leading Platform for Test

Sauce Labs is the industry’s leading Platform for Test. With unrivalled test coverage and industry expertise, backed by the highest standards of security and compliance, Platform for Test helps empower your team to continuously deliver quality software.


Digital experiences are so ingrained in our daily routines that we hardly need to label them “digital”. They are just... experiences. 

Take banking as an example. Over the past 30 years, we’ve evolved from having in-person relationships with tellers to virtual interactions with web-based applications. Software is now at the core of the products and services we rely on each and every day. From consumer apps to healthcare systems, government platforms to business operations — code makes the world go around. 

Given our reliance on software, consumers have come to expect optimal user experiences. So, when software fails, the consequences can be severe for the business. We've all witnessed the headlines and felt the frustration of software outages. An airline glitch grounds our flight, a crashed ecommerce site disrupts the shopping experience, and a financial system crash sends shockwaves through the market. 

When software breaks down, it's not just lines of code that suffer. Your bottom line takes a direct hit. According to Gartner, a single service disruption can cost $336,000 per hour or $5,600 per minute. And that's just a conservative estimate. For many industries, such as finance and retail, the costs can be even higher — not to mention the damage a software outage does to your engineering team’s efficiency, brand reputation and customer trust. 

It's clear that prioritizing software quality is not optional. It’s an imperative for businesses that want to stay competitive, maximize customer loyalty, and protect their revenue base. 

That's where Sauce Labs Platform for Test — the industry’s leading centralized platform to continuously deliver quality software — comes in. 

Platform for Test

Our platform is the result of more than 15 years of experience in testing, making us the leaders in offering a programmable, accessible, and flexible testing environment. Sauce Labs empowers you to embrace a continuous testing strategy that seamlessly integrates into your tools and workflows. This ensures that quality is a shared goal that spans your entire organization as well as the software development life cycle. 

It Starts With Robust Test Infrastructure 

Our robust test infrastructure is the backbone of our commitment to quality. We maintain the widest infrastructure coverage in our Device Lake, with 7500+ real devices, private devices, 1700+ emulators and simulators, as well as virtual machines. Our scalability extends across the diverse landscape of 900+ browsers and operating systems, guaranteeing that your software performs regardless of the platform your users prefer.

We also provide comprehensive test runtime tooling, including Sauce Orchestrate, sauceCTL, and Sauce Connect, so your tests are seamlessly integrated into your development lifecycle. 

By investing in our test infrastructure, customers experience a 217% return on investment, according to the Total Economic Impact study carried out by Forrester. The world's leading organizations collaborate with us to enhance test coverage and scale, executing tens of thousands of tests in parallel. Walmart now executes over 50,000 automated tests per day, saving over 750,000 man hours and $2 million within the first year alone. 

Don't Forget About the Applications and Integrations

But our platform doesn’t stop at test infrastructure. Over 15 years in the industry, we've identified areas where our customers needed more support to deliver software quality. That led to our investment in first-party applications and integrations. 

By participating in the Sauce Labs ecosystem, customers can reduce testing time by 90%, finds Forrester. For instance, eMoney Advisors implemented visual testing along with mobile and cross-browser testing to more quickly identify software bugs earlier in the development process. By accessing Sauce Labs comprehensive testing suite, they can leverage first-party applications, leading to significant improvement in quality metrics. 

Sauce Labs is the one-stop shop for all our software quality needs.

Chuan Au

Vice President of Quality Assurance

Unlock the Benefits of Unified Data and Insights 

The platform is fully supported by our unified data and observability layer, which provides AI-driven insights across your SDLC. Thanks to ML-powered data intelligence, customers are able to detect 95% more issues, according to Forrester. The New York Times is a testament to this success, having improved the reliability and visibility of test performance with Sauce Insights

The Sauce Labs Platform for Test seamlessly integrates each of these layers, delivering a cohesive approach to software quality. As the industry leader, we provide unmatched test strategy and expertise, all backed by the highest standards of security and compliance. 

When you choose Sauce Labs, you're not just selecting a testing solution; you're joining a global community of over 100,000 leading organizations. We empower your team to deliver quality software efficiently, rapidly, and reliably.

In a world where digital experiences are the foundation of your business, partnering with Sauce Labs will ensure continuous delivery of software excellence.

For more information, check out our new Platform for Test fact sheet! Once you're ready, feel free to reach out to our team of testing experts, who would be happy to advise you on how best to achieve your software quality goals. 

Ready to see how a unified testing platform can help your organization?


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