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Posted October 6, 2023

Android 14 is Here: What's New & What to Test

Android 14 is here! Start testing on real devices and emulators today. Learn about the many improvements that will help you deliver a better Android experience.


Android 14 is here and available for testing on Sauce Labs real devices and emulators! 

Why is Android 14 Testing Important?

In the increasingly dynamic OS ecosystem, being proactive about testing new changes is critical. As of July 2023, Android 13's market share is over 30%, surpassing both Android 12 and 11. 

Ensuring smooth app experiences is a necessity in today's fiercely competitive mobile market. It's vital to promptly grasp how various OS changes can affect application compatibility and quality. Make sure your testing resources are primed to utilize the latest updates, and implement Instrumented Espresso tests to thoroughly validate your app's functionality, guaranteeing a high standard of app quality.

What’s New in Android 14?

Android testing on the new OS version brings many improvements that will help you deliver a better customer experience. Here are some key updates introduced in Android 14 that every developer and tester should have on their radar. 

  • SDK version changes: Note that apps compiled with Android 14, cannot be installed on Android 6 or lower version devices. Android enforces targetSdkVersion to 24 and above.

  • Accessibility: Make sure your app seamlessly accommodates larger font sizes, scaling up to 200%, without compromising usability.

  • Sign-in testing: Test for the multiple sign-in methods like username and password, passkeys, and federated sign-ins—all within a single API, with the new Credential Manager.

  • Developer tools: Android 14's Dev Tools come packed with features aligned with OpenJDK 17 LTS, catering to both app and platform developers.

  • Notifications: Android 14 now refines the notification experience, allowing only apps providing calling and alarms to support full-screen intent notifications.

  • Data safety: Test for updates to data-sharing practices that now appear in some permission rationale system dialogs and in system notifications.

  • Camera and media improvements: Explore the latest updates in camera extensions, featuring enhanced Zoom, Focus, Postview, and more for an enriched multimedia experience.

  • Security: Additional restrictions on intents, and more restrictions on starting activities from the background. 

You can also access the complete list of changes on

Start Android 14 Testing with Sauce Labs Today

To help you stay cutting-edge and prepare your apps for the new generation of OS and devices, Sauce Labs now supports Android 14 for both real devices and emulators. With Android 14, the following configurations will be supported for emulators: Pixel 4 series, Pixel 5 and 5A, Pixel 6 series, Pixel 7 series, and Pixel 8 series.

Our real devices ensure precise and in-depth testing, while support on emulators helps you widen converge and scale tests faster.

If you’re a Sauce Labs customer utilizing private devices, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or Account Executive. Using public devices? Start testing your apps today by accessing Android 14 in our real and virtual device cloud. We continue to expand the pool of devices available to provide you with extensive device selection at your fingertips.

Kris Muhi
Product Manager
Ashwini Sathe
Sr. Group Product Marketing Manager
Oct 6, 2023
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