Cross-Browser Testing

Test your apps and websites across thousands of desktop and mobile browser/OS combinations in the cloud

cross browser testing

Cross-browser testing to ensure digital confidence

Making testing fast, reliable, and easy throughout the software development process.

Eliminate maintenance hassle

We support the world's largest Continuous Testing Cloud so you don't have to. Focus on testing your apps while we stay up-to-date with the newest browsers and operating systems.

Speed development with parallel tests

Our cloud is optimized so you can test in parallel across many different browser and OS combinations as you need. Accelerate your test run time by up to 10x.

Identify and fix bugs fast

Play a video recording of your entire test or flip through screen shots. Selenium logfiles and metadata for each test make it easy to share results with dev teams and speed debugging.

The most comprehensive cross-browser continuous testing cloud

Comprehensive coverage of cross-browser testing

Comprehensive coverage

Test on thousands of desktop and mobile browser/OS combinations in the cloud. We deliver new versions within 48 hours of release so you can ensure your app works flawlessly on the latest platforms.

Advanced debugging tools for cross-browser testing

Extended debugging

Extended Debugging provides browser console logs and network calls to gain insight into network requests and browser performance that can cause automated tests to fail, helping to speed root cause analysis.


Securely test local apps

We spin up a new VM for every test which increases security and reduces test flake. Sauce Connect proxy allows you to test data and apps from behind your firewall on our cloud without the hassle of setting up a hardware VPN.

Real and virtual devices


Ensure your web apps work across mobile emulators and simulators along with desktop. SInce it’s easy to run tests in parallel, you get results fast.

Reproduce bugs easily

Reproduce bugs easily

Quickly spin up a live session and accurately reproduce user scenarios across multiple OS and browser combinations to quickly step through your apps and isolate issues.


Integrate with your pipeline

Setup, manage, and view test results all from within your continuous integration server—for Jenkins, MSFT VSTS, and Bamboo as well as support for Travis CI, Circle CI, and TeamCity.

Ensure security of your tests

Cross-browser testing security

Single-use virtual machines

We maintain our own datacenters and spin up a new VM for every test, dramatically increasing security and reducing test flake. No residual data or temp files from prior tests.

Sauce Connect Proxy

Sauce Connect Proxy is a software-only solution that ensures the security of your tests. Test data and apps from behind your firewall on our cloud without the hassle of setting up an internal VPN.

Additional features for enterprise


Powerful test analytics

View test results and get actionable information on how to address test failures and quickly resolve them.


Sauce Performance testing

Enhance and maintain the user experience with detailed front-end performance metrics.


Sauce Headless testing

Run early pipeline headless browser at scale to give fast feedback to developers and accelerate build efficiency.



Connect Sauce Labs to your private network with industry standard security protocols.


Unlimited users

Ensure distributed teams have access to testing resources.


Single sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) support means you can provision access without IT.


Team management

Easily manage testing resources and data access across your teams.



Take advantage of our free in-product training modules to quickly get up and running with your first automated test.


Customer success managers

Our CSMs are experts at finding the right resources to help get you up to speed so you can get the most out of your investment.

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