About Sauce Labs

Building a world of digital confidence

Continuous testing is a key enabler of digital confidence — the knowledge that you’re delivering the best possible user experience to your customers. Digitally confident organizations know that their web and mobile applications look, function and perform exactly as intended, every single time they’re used. That’s the value of Sauce Labs.

Our Values


We collaborate in a trusting, safe environment. We share knowledge openly as a team to increase our collective understanding and adapt our plans when needed.

Our Values are the "Soul of Sauce". It's how we remain awesome while achieving our mission. It is the unifying force that defines who we are, what we strive to be, and how we delight our customers.

Respect individuality

We celebrate inclusion of different perspectives and experiences. Together, we grow and learn as we treat each other professionally while preserving our individuality (no strict dress codes here).

Constant improvement

We’re committed to continual improvement, even if that requires radical changes. We’re not afraid to try new things and support our employees in their professional and personal growth.

Ownership mentality

We’re truly invested in our vision and our impact. We consistently act with our customers’ and company’s best interests in mind. We take pride in our jobs and work hard but take time to recharge.

Ideas over Hierarchy

When confronted with challenging decisions, we brainstorm a wide range of possible solutions. We test everyone’s proposals objectively, without regard to one’s title, so the best idea emerges.

Developer Saucebot

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