Getting Started with Appium - Java

Posted Oct 18th, 2018

This comprehensive how-to guide was written by Appium project lead Jonathan Lipps. It explores everything you need to get started including issues specific to the Java client and resources to use once your tests are up and running.

Written by Appium project lead, Jonathan Lipps, this 62-page guide provides everything you need to get started with Appium using the Java programming language and the Java Appium client.

This guide draws upon Jonathan’s own unique insights and knowledge along with that of maintainers and contributors of the Appium Java client. It details out various software, versions used and common issues to help you reproduce code samples used in the guide. It also has links to handy resources you may need once your tests are up and running, like a reference card for Appium setup and commands.

Download this comprehensive guide and get started on your Appium testing journey!

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