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Posted March 29, 2022

Every Experience Matters

Today, every brand is digital. This means that the way users interact with brands is more complex than ever — there are more channels, touchpoints and opportunities to connect than most companies can keep up with.


Experience is Everything

While these new, more nuanced ways of interacting with users are exciting, they’re also a challenge for the developers tasked with maintaining the complex underlying code. And when that code gets too complicated, bugs emerge, leading users to encounter errors, hard-to-navigate experiences, and other headaches that can send their business or engagement elsewhere.

At the same time, these overwhelmed developers are facing pressure to deliver more features faster — often forcing them to choose between speed and quality. At that point, user experience suffers, leading to unhappy users and unsuccessful brands.

In this report, we will explore how user experience impacts brand loyalty, accessibility, and revenue. More specifically, we'll dig into the following findings:

  • User experience impacts our daily lives and routines

  • Even more so for those using assistive technology

  • Brands are damaged by poor user experience

  • User reporting needs to improve

Mar 29, 2022
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