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Posted September 2, 2021

Selenium Testing Tutorial

In this whitepaper, you will learn the essential parts of automating your software testing using Selenium.


Selenium was created by Sauce Labs co-founder Jason Huggins, and is the defacto standard for automating cross-browser testing. Sauce Labs offers a cloud-based automated testing platform that runs Selenium tests right from a server.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an open source testing framework that has found wide adoption in recent years. Selenium testing supports the most popular scripting languages, including Node.js, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, or C#. Test scripts can be produced with the languages known best. Developers, QA, and even project managers can develop and review tests for all apps, speeding up the time to market.

What are the basics of Selenium testing?

Sauce Labs is pleased to provide a Selenium testing tutorial. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn the essential parts of Selenium testing.

The sections of the “bootcamp” Selenium testing tutorial whitepaper include:

The first things you need to know; including how to define a test strategy and choose a language for tests, as well as an editor.

Writing your first Selenium test is then addressed. We outline the steps to writing a Selenium test, including an example consisting of straightforward code.

How to write maintainable tests is the next part of the whitepaper. The app under test will change over time, so you’ll need to account for this in the test code in order to be successful. Creating simple objects that the tests can be performed against allows for easy maintenance of the overall test suite as circumstances change.

Writing resilient test code is next up, which usually involves timing of the tests. Timing is dealt with by how waiting is performed as well as how interacting with test elements occurs. The best way to accomplish this is through the use of explicit waits. Once again, the Selenium testing tutorial provides example code illustrating the best techniques to be used.

Finally, packaging the test for use delves into how to best present a test so that it may be used efficiently.

Sep 2, 2021
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