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Posted March 26, 2020

How to Run Selenium Tests


Get Expert Advice on How To Run Selenium Tests in the Cloud

Selenium is currently one of the most commonly used open source web app testing frameworks available. Selenium is a complex language to master, but it is extremely useful for running automated tests, in parallel, across numerous browsers. With Sauce Labs, write your test scripts in any language you desire, such as .NET, Ruby, or JavaScript (or even higher order languages like Cucumber) and automate your testing with Selenium. Then review and finalize your apps with our complete set of analysis tools so you can speed your apps to market.

As an industry-leading cloud-based app testing service, Sauce Labs integrates with most CI servers including Visual Studio, Jenkins, and Bamboo. And our APIs enable you to configure and run your tests from within your CI server and even review the results - without leaving the application.

Automatically test your web and mobile apps on hundreds of different OS and browser versions including Android, iOS, and Mac OS X with Sauce Labs. Pristine VMs, built-in video recording of every test, screenshots, console logs, secure tunneling with Sauce Connect, and debugging tools, makes scaling, running, and debugging test suites safer and easier than ever.

Why choose Sauce Labs for Selenium testing?

  • Fast and easy set-up - our API's and plugins allow you to quickly and easily integrate your testing into our framework

  • Get a full report - see the complete results of your test run with metadata, videos, screenshots, and console logs including a complete list of commands and responses

  • Security - our VMs are wiped clean after every test to ensure accurate results, and Sauce Connect makes testing from your own CI system safe and secure

Learn how to run Selenium tests at Sauce Labs today with our Selenium Bootcamp whitepaper!

Mar 26, 2020
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