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Posted November 17, 2021

Sauce Labs and Qualitest for Mobile Test Automation


Fun fact of the day: Did you know that 60% of mobile test automation projects fail due to a lack of planning, strategy, expertise or poor frameworks?

That is…not good.

A 40% success rate is considered disastrous by almost every metric, but when it directly impacts your brand’s customer experience it becomes especially egregious. Digital confidence is the theory that your platform will deliver an excellent, consistent user experience every time. When your testing frameworks fail, your platform fails. Mobile digital confidence is complex and requires the right technology, expertise and processes.

Better Together

Sauce Labs has partnered with Qualitest, the world’s largest AI-powered quality engineering company to make sure your mobile test automation projects succeed. By combining best in class technology and quality engineering expertise, we help you accelerate the delivery of high-quality mobile applications.

Through the partnership, Sauce and Qualitest have created a turnkey mobile testing solution that accelerates time to value with test automation and restores the digital confidence that you can provide an excellent customer experience.

What does this mean for your platform? A few things. First with Sauce and Qualitest, your platform can release better quality mobile apps in shorter development cycles. That’s right, you increase both velocity and quality. Second, you can reduce your test resource and infrastructure costs. Lastly, you eliminate your risk of failure with market leading technology and test automation expertise.

Every Experience Matters

At Sauce Labs, we believe every moment matters, and that is a reflection both on the experience you deliver to your customers and the speed at which you can deliver it. Your customers deserve the best possible experience and your platform deserves the best possible testing partner. To learn more about Sauce Labs + Qualitest and how we are revolutionizing the space together watch this video, the first in a four-part series, to see how you can take your brand to the next level.

Nov 17, 2021
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