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Posted August 23, 2022

In the News: Qualitest Introduces Automated Enterprise Application Testing Through Sauce Labs

The offering will help Qualitest’s enterprise customers scale more quickly by accelerating the testing of applications across multiple devices.


Qualitest, the world’s largest AI-powered quality engineering company, announced today that it is offering cloud-based testing for enterprise applications on multiple platforms, including mobile devices, browsers, and desktops, through a new partnership with Sauce Labs.

Testing both the functionality and the compatibility of applications across devices is crucial for enterprises, and doing it all in-house requires a daunting amount of resources – specifically time, money, and staff. Because application quality affects ratings, adoption, and business revenue, a solution is necessary that helps enterprises address this issue at a large scale in a short amount of time, without having to maintain their own centralized test infrastructure.

Qualitest offers customers testing across their business, technology, and operational landscape, while Sauce Labs provides real and virtual device clouds and a single platform to deliver AI-driven automated testing of applications across thousands of devices, browsers, and OS combinations throughout the development cycle. The partnership will significantly accelerate testing for Qualitest’s customers, helping enterprises to rapidly scale multi-platform applications and giving them the flexibility necessary to mix and match device testing parameters according to changing needs.

“Companies are striving to eliminate development bottlenecks in testing, while meeting the challenge to ship faster with the highest quality,” said John Kelly, Chief Strategy Officer at Sauce Labs. “This partnership empowers Qualitest’s enterprise clients to add breadth, depth, and scale to their testing in a cost-efficient and expedient manner. Customers will be able to leverage Sauce Labs DevOps Test Toolchain, empowering them to test throughout the SDLC and across platforms to pinpoint errors and find a solution quickly.”

“Testing web and mobile applications is vital for enterprise application developers,” said Anbu Muppidathi, Qualitest President and CEO. “By partnering with Sauce Labs, we can offer our clients the automation they need to grow their businesses quickly in this increasingly important market sector.”

The new partnership will enable brands to leverage the best of both worlds when it comes to ensuring quality and performance. To learn more about the new joint offering or what existing Qualitest customers can expect with this new integration, schedule a call with Sauce Labs today.

Aug 23, 2022
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