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Posted March 5, 2013

(Re)Introducing Selenium Builder: Now with Plugins and WebDriver Support


Since the first release of Selenium Builder two years ago, we've been focusing on extending its capabilities and improving the underlying code. For those not familiar, Selenium Builder is an open source tool that helps you easily build and export Selenium tests using record and playback capabilities, and then export those scripts to any programming language. After many months in the wild and tons of great feedback from the community (plus pull requests and patches on Github), we are incredibly happy to announce the release of Selenium Builder v.2.0 and an updated version of Sauce for Selenium Builder. Watch the video below to see what's new and read on for more details.

Selenium 2/WebDriver Support

The most important feature to come along in Selenium Builder is built-in support for Selenium 2/Webdriver. You can record, edit, and play back test scripts based on the new Selenium version, which is particularly handy for folks needing help making the switch from Selenium RC to WebDriver. Plus, since Builder uses the same interface for this as it does for Selenium 1, you can use a mixture of both technologies to build your scripts. Selenium Builder can also translate between the two versions with reasonable accuracy. Additionally, you can export Selenium 2 scripts into a wide variety of languages: Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, and C# (with more language support to follow). Se Builder 2 also defines a clean JSON-based format for storing scripts for later editing. These JSON-based scripts can be played back by a standalone interpreter, so you don't have to commit to a particular programming language for playback.

Plugin Architecture

There's another exciting addition to Selenium Builder and that's support for plugins that extend Builder's functionality. Plugins can be installed and managed directly from the user interface of Builder. The two plugins listed below are available in this release, with more on the way!

Sauce for Selenium Builder Integration

With this plugin, you can run scripts on Sauce Labs directly from Builder's interface. Simply export your tests to the programming language of choice and pick from the 100+ browser/OS combos we support to run against. To download Selenium Builder with the Sauce capabilities already baked in, click here.

GitHub Integration

This plugin lets you store your scripts on GitHub for safe storage and easy collaboration.

Foreign Language Support

And last, but certainly not least, Selenium Builder is now available in German and French (as well as English).

If you'd like to improve Selenium Builder by adding new languages, creating a plugin, or just fixing issues, have a look at the documentation and drop us a line!

Mar 5, 2013
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