Selenium Builder is an open source tool for easily creating automated Selenium RC and WebDriver scripts. Export tests to any programming language and run them across multiple browsers.

An open source tool for easily writing automated Selenium scripts
and running those cross-browser in the cloud.

As simple as it gets:

Enter a URL & choose Selenium 1 or 2.
Click the user actions you want to test.
Export scripts & run on Sauce or locally.

Save. Export. Run. You're done.


We've developed a plugin framework to make it easy to add functionality to Builder. Available plugins, such as GitHub and Sauce, can be installed directly from inside Builder's UI. Learn more >>

Selenium 1 & 2 Support

Selenium Builder supports both Selenium RC and WebDriver using a simple JSON based format. You can import or export tests in either Selenium versions and switch between them with ease. Learn more >>

Open Source

Selenium Builder is licensed under the Apache 2 License and hosted on GitHub. If you notice issues or bugs, please consider contributing to the project to help improve it. Learn more >>