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Posted October 2, 2023

October 2023 Customer Newsletter

New season, new updates from Sauce Labs! Find the latest product updates, insights, events, and more below.


Happy fall! Exciting product news and updates from Sauce Labs below.

Test Your Apps on iOS 17 and iPhone 15 Series 

Have you started testing your mobile apps on iOS 17 and the new iPhone 15 series yet? It's not too late. Access both in the Sauce Labs real device cloud today to ensure seamless customer experiences using the latest technology.

Got a Software Horror Story? We Want to Hear it!

We're on the hunt for your most terrifying tales from the trenches of software development. Get ready, because the more goosebumps we get, the greater the chances your story could be featured this month.

What’s the most spine-tingling bug or development disaster you’ve ever experienced (or caused)? Submit your tale here.

Other New Features 

Test smarter, not harder with these features:

Reminder: Migrate to Appium 2 

If you haven’t already, we recommend migrating to Appium 2 on Sauce Labs now. Learn how in our Appium 2.0 migration guide.

Software Testing Summit Sessions On Demand

Missed our latest webinars? You’re in luck! You can now watch the sessions on demand:

Mastering Test Orchestration

This session explores an innovative solution that revolutionizes test automation in software development. We tackle common challenges, including slow test execution times, costly CI build orchestration, and the difficulty of running tests locally and at scale. You'll learn how a purpose-built solution for browser and mobile testing offers significant performance improvements, allowing for up to 70% acceleration in test automation. Come explore how test orchestration provides scalability, reliability, and flexibility while enhancing stability, increasing productivity, and enabling faster time to release.

Hosted by Mike Donovan, Vice President of Product at Sauce Labs.

Mastering Test Orchestration: Unleash Innovation and Efficiency at Scale

Optimizing Mobile Application Testing

This session explores how to optimize your mobile test infrastructure enabling you to achieve more with less. We explore the challenges of procuring and distributing mobile devices, limitations of local testing, and the risks of insufficient coverage. You'll learn how a cloud-based solution that eliminates the maintenance burden and operational costs of an on-premise infrastructure can reduce costs, accelerate release cycles all while increasing customer satisfaction. Come explore how optimizing your mobile application testing will result in cost reductions, improvement in efficiency, and overall enhancements to your testing capabilities.

Hosted by Wim Selles, Staff Product Manager Mobile at Sauce Labs.

Optimizing Mobile Application Testing: Reduce Costs and Release Faster

Scaling Test Automation

Test automation is a basic requirement for releasing software quickly, but most companies struggle to launch or maintain it successfully. This session explores the obstacles getting in the way of scalable test automation, and actions you can take now to get on the right track. We will delve into the cost, time, risks, and even security implications of poor adoption of test automation, as well as the short and long-term benefits you gain from a strategic approach to test automation. We cover test strategy, tooling, and how to optimize testing across the right mix of devices to ensure your customers always experience the best your business has to offer.

Hosted by Marcus Merrell and Nikolay Advolodkin.

Scaling Test Automation, Achieve Scalability, Efficiency & Coverage.

Harnessing Error Reporting

This webinar explores how error reporting can transform your software development processes, resulting in higher quality software at an accelerated pace. We address the challenges of obtaining unified insights, error reporting, and effectively prioritizing application errors. You will learn how monitoring, capturing, and obtaining actionable signals for crashes and errors empower you to ship code swiftly and efficiently, promptly addressing bugs found in production. Explore how error reporting can empower you to capture, prioritize, and resolve errors across all environments, guaranteeing superior software quality at an accelerated speed.

Hosted by Marcus Merrell.

Harnessing Error Reporting
Harnessing Error Reporting

Sauce Labs Community Content 

Learn from our industry experts who live and breathe testing.

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