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Posted November 30, 2022

November 2022 Sauce Labs Product Updates & News

The latest product updates and news, including iOS 16.1 on simulators and real devices, announcing Our Community Fellows, and more.


Fall is on the way out, and we have a lot to be grateful for: hot apple cider, extra helpings of stuffing, and oh yes — a bounty of exciting updates from Sauce Labs! Let's dive in.

Welcome to Our New Community Fellows! 🤝

We're excited to welcome Rajene HarrisDanielle MadryJanackeh BlackwellDjango Skorupa, and Esther Cotton to the Sauce Labs Open Source Community Fellowship Program! The program is designed to foster diversity and belonging in the open source community, providing fellows with paid training for six months. Our goal is to help break down the barriers in technology, enabling the fellows to work on a worthwhile open source project.

Just In! Test Now on the Latest Devices, Browsers & OSs 👩‍💻

Now available on iOS simulators: iOS 16.1 and the newest iPads

The following iPads are also available on iOS simulators:

  • iPad (10th generation)

  • iPad Pro (11-inch) (4th generation) (16GB)

  • iPad Pro (11-inch) (4th generation)

  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (6th generation) (16GB)

  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (6th generation)

Now available on real devices 📲: the 2022 iPad and iPad Pro

The new iPad (10.9-inch) and iPad Pro (11-inch and 12.9-inch) are now available in the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud.

Get comprehensive coverage and start testing today on the newest generation of Apple devices!

Cross-browser test on the latest versions of Chrome, Edge & Firefox 

We’re thrilled to announce that Sauce Labs now supports Chrome 107, Chrome 108, Edge 107, and Firefox 107. Phew!

As always, you can use our Platform Configurator to create code snippets for the capabilities you want in your automated testing scripts (more on that below).

Upcoming Webinar 📅: Device Farms Reimagined

Join us on Wednesday, December 7, for our co-hosted virtual event, Device Farms Reimagined: Attaining Any-to-Any Test Coverage, co-hosted by Sauce Labs and Testlio.

We’ll share how optimizing your device infrastructure can help scale your quality engineering system and maintain agility in the rapidly-evolving world of testing.

You will learn about:

  • Industry and broad market forces reshaping test infrastructure requirements

  • The real total cost of ownership of DIY device infrastructure setups

  • Redefining the public device cloud for software testing

  • And more

What’s Changing: The Leaves 🍂, the Seasons 🌬 and These Features:  

Now available: Playwright support in Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis now supports Playwright! Discover failure patterns recognized by our machine learning engine that will help you to debug your tests much more effectively.

Sauce Connect Proxy Release Version 4.8.2

Sauce Connect Proxy 4.8.2, a patch version that includes security improvements and bug fixes, is now available. Download here

Now available: take screenshots with Espresso

We’re excited to announce that you can now download screenshots taken with Espresso on Android 10 and later. We’ve also made sure that you retain any of your supplied screenshot names – and yes, this applies to using the Spoon library as well!

saucectl support: Playwright CucumberJS, app description support & improved video recording

Since our last update, saucectl now:

  • Allows you to include app descriptions in XCUITest and Espresso test suites for apps you are uploading to the Sauce Labs storage service for testing.

  • Captures test videos on virtual devices at a higher frame rate to improve video quality for customers using Cypress, Playwright, Replay, and TestCafe.

saucectl test automation framework updates 

saucectl now supports the following framework versions:

Upgrade your frameworks to take advantage of newly introduced capabilities today!

Platform configurator enhancements 

We’ve made a host of improvements to our Platform Configurator in the past months to make it easier for you to configure your tests!

📱 Real Devices - Real Devices are now available for you to select. 

🧑‍🏫 Advanced Capabilities - You can now set your Selenium advanced capabilities for easy generation!

🧐 Appium Inspector - You can now download a file for opening with the Sauce Labs Appium Inspector.

🤳 App Selection - You can now easily select a previously uploaded application directly into your generated config.

🏗 Build & Name - We have added placeholders for Build ID and Test Names.

To get the most out of the Platform Configurator, we recommend using the in-app version, which you can access from the Automated section in the left-hand navigation of the Sauce Labs application.

Need-to-Know Product Updates 🚨

Important update on IP address change: action may be required by January 31

If you have an allowlist configured for outgoing connections from your network to Sauce Labs, you will need to update the allowlist by January 31, 2023. You should add one or both of the following additional IP ranges (depending on the Sauce Labs datacenters that you use):

  • US-West-1:

  • EU-Central-1:

If you’re unsure whether this applies to you, please contact your internal network/IT team for guidance.

Important update for enterprise customers using Headless

In light of recent improvements to Sauce Labs US-West and EU-Central clouds, we are deprecating the containerized headless US-East environment. Customers can still run headless mode in other regions using the WebDriver headless capability

If you have any questions, reach out to your Sauce Labs Customer Success Manager.

Recommended Reads from our Experts 📚 

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