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Posted April 19, 2022

Every Experience Matters: What Industries are Delivering a Poor Customer Experience?

Welcome back to our series ‘Every Experience Matters: Stat of the week.’ In the previous editions of this column, we have discussed consumer behavior on mobile apps and how it affects brand equity and reputation. We have touched on how errors and bugs can cause significant user churn and evaporation of digital confidence. Last week we discussed how negative word of mouth can be generated when a single user encounters a mistake on your mobile app. Today, we’ll dive into some industry-specific data and flag the largest offenders.


Today’s Every Experience Matters Stat of the Week is…33% of users report encountering daily errors on communication apps.

It should be no surprise that the apps we use the most tend to give us the most trouble. In addition to the one in three consumers that say they encounter daily errors on communication apps, 30% are similarly troubled by entertainment apps. Gaming apps and shopping apps (grocery and household) tie for the third most troublesome and round out the podium at 28%. 

If we shift the metrics slightly we can paint a different picture. 55% of consumers find an error on an entertainment app at least once a month, 37% of users encounter an error on a health app, and 35% on a civic services app.

As you can see, many of the services giving consumers problems could be folded into the modern life user experience. Connecting with family, purchasing groceries, streaming a movie, and playing a game are daily experiences for many folks so when these apps crash it can provide quite a bit of frustration. Communication apps have changed how we engage with each other both personally and professionally in a remote-first world. The crash of a communication app not only hinders our ability to speak to family and friends but also to conduct business.

If your business falls into one of these categories, it may be cause for alarm but it also presents an opportunity. Standing out from the crowd in an industry that is struggling with the customer experience by providing consistent quality builds digital confidence and the trust that comes along with it. 

In a world that relies on code, Sauce Labs strives to make it work for everyone, everywhere, and every time. This is digital confidence. Today, every brand experience starts online. Software and the quality of the code that delivers that experience or product have become critical to your brand. Sauce Labs can help you to deliver a trusted and secure digital experience to your customers, at speed.

When your company commits to a testing strategy that enables you to deliver an excellent and consistent customer experience you are also committing to protect the brand that you have worked so tirelessly to build. One error can have cascading consequences and for any of us who have ever worked in damage control, we know the best way to rectify a mistake is to catch it before it ever happens.

Apr 19, 2022
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