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Posted March 29, 2022

Every Experience Matters: Browsing Habits & Engagement Report

Today Sauce Labs announced the findings of its "Every Experience Matters" report, based on responses from 1500 consumers in the US, UK, and Germany, to gauge the modern browsing and online engagement experience. In short, we dive into how users are reacting when they use your website or app.


The findings revealed that while having new digital ways to interact with brands is exciting, poor user experiences, often due to developers prioritizing speed over quality of code, can impact brand loyalty, accessibility, and revenue. Consumers simply have no tolerance for errors that lead to a negative digital experience, and in this report, you will learn the danger of wronging a consumer even once.

Here are a few statistics that jumped out at us: 

20% of users that have experienced an error during their digital experience have abandoned shopping with the brand altogether. What happened to second chances? Not on the internet apparently! This means that not only are companies shedding one-fifth of their users due to buggy software, but they are also sending paying customers directly to their competitors. Imagine two local pizza chains, but only one has a working delivery app. It’s easy to see how that domino can cause revenue to shift drastically.

A quarter of consumers will also share their negative experience with the universe, meaning you don’t only have to worry about the users you have wronged, but also that person’s entire network…Not the old word of mouth, grassroots marketing most companies are going for. 

Finally, our favorite statistics from the report indicate that errors have actually caused a significant amount of consumers to curse or throw things, meaning a brand could be indirectly responsible for the holes in the drywall in countless homes around the globe.

These statistics have greater importance for companies in the small and medium enterprise space because while a global juggernaut certainly doesn’t want to lose users to the competition, margins are always razor-thin for SMEs. But fear not, while the findings in this report are startling for brands in the digital age, these negative outcomes can be prevented. An easy fix exists in the form of continuous testing. 

Testing allows your brand to ensure an excellent customer experience every single time because every experience matters. Catching bugs before (and during) production is paramount to maintaining a happy user base. Download the report today and discover for yourself why testing has never been more important.

Mar 29, 2022
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