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Posted January 10, 2023

Ensure Seamless Audio-Visual Quality for iOS Apps with Sauce Labs

With the latest manual testing feature from Sauce Labs, you can test your native iOS application’s audio output and video streaming quality to ensure a seamless customer experience.


Game development studios, media companies, educational institutions, and entertainment platforms all rely on their app’s audio and streaming capabilities to evoke powerful and engaging experiences for their customers. If companies want their apps to perform well, they need to find and fix audio and visual issues quickly during manual testing.

Sauce Labs’ latest live (manual) testing feature allows you to test your app’s audio-visual capabilities in real time to ensure a seamless customer experience. This feature is available now for native iOS apps, while support for native Android applications and cross-browser web testing will launch later this year.

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How to Test Audio-Visual Quality on iOS

What You Can Do with Sauce Labs’ Audio Capture and Video Streaming Testing

Sauce Labs’ enhanced audio capture and video streaming capabilities can help app development teams improve their app’s responsiveness, reduce lag time, and ensure that their app’s sound and visuals work as intended. 

With Sauce Labs Audio Output Testing, you can:

  • Hear your app’s sounds in real time

  • Verify whether the in-app audio capabilities perform under various device conditions

  • Validate the audio stream of a video embedded in your application

  • Verify that the in-app audio interactions work when certain elements are triggered in real-time

With Sauce Labs Smooth Streaming Testing, you can:

  • Test and validate animation transitions during live (manual) tests 

  • Improve responsiveness to reduce lag time 

  • Significantly improve the live testing experience on real devices with an improved streaming rate of 4 to 30 frames per second

  • Enhance streaming quality for more accurate testing

Use Cases for Testing Your App’s Audio and Video Quality

Suggested use cases for audio and visual readiness help to answer the following questions:

  • Is my app audio or video playback / animation available 24/7 across multiple device types and network conditions?

  • Is it working as expected and is it following the designed flow?

  • Are there any lags or disruptions in service?

  • How does my app’s audio/video playback or animation work under duress? 

  • Does it play promptly and align with the on-screen visual experience?

Benefits of Testing Your App’s Audio and Video Quality

Here’s how Sauce Labs’ new audio capture and video streaming testing feature can benefit iOS app development & QA teams:

  • Faster deployment of high-quality digital experiences: businesses need to deploy seamless and valuable digital experiences quickly and efficiently to keep up with customer demands. Verifying audio and streaming capabilities earlier in the development lifecycle helps identify and fix issues faster.

  • Improved testing efficiency: utilizing audio output and streaming testing in your existing workflows can streamline bug reporting and make CI/CD pipelines efficient.

  • Easier collaboration: the audio recording is captured and included in the video recording, which can be played back, downloaded, and shared. Teams can quickly identify audio quality challenges and make decisions effectively based on test results

Get Started with Sauce Labs Live Testing

Take your app’s audio-visual quality to the next level with Sauce Labs.

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