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Posted June 18, 2021

Browser Emulator

Scale Testing Across All the Browsers

Developers know that not all browsers are created equal. With apps being consumed more and more on mobile devices, you need extensive testing on a wide set of browsers to ensure your apps are perfect. Manual testing is no longer the sole preferred mode of testing as it can be slow, complex and you just don't have time to test across all browsers. Developers are looking to automate tests so they can cover more browsers in less time and improve quality.

Sauce Labs, the leader in automated testing, offers a salable, secure cloud platform for fast and affordable automated testing. With more than 700+ platform/OS combinations, mobile emulators and simulators you can test across multiple browsers in parallel to speed you tests.

Using the Sauce Labs cloud, you can run your Selenium or Appium tests automatically and in parallel.

Get the Sauce Labs Advantage.

  • Custom CI integration – Integrate with CI tools like Jenkins, Travis, Bamboo etc.

  • Test apps - Native, Mobile Web and Hybrid on over 80+ Android and iOS emulators and simulators

  • Reduce testing time to minutes by running tests in parallel

  • Test Web and mobile apps in parallel reducing testing time and see how your app performs across channels

Scale testing on mobile browser simulators and emulators to identify and rectify defects earlier in the development cycle. Want to automate the testing process? Start your free trial now!

Jun 18, 2021
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