Scale web and mobile application testing across all browsers

Test faster and earlier in the development cycle using secure and reliable browser emulators that scale testing while reducing costs.

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Test your apps on a wide range of browsers

Developers and testers know that not all browsers are created equal. With global mobile app usage rapidly increasing, you need extensive testing on a wide range of browsers to ensure your apps provide customers with a seamless user experience. Test faster and earlier in the development cycle using secure and reliable browser emulators that scale testing while reducing costs. Spend more time building mobile apps customers love and less time managing your automated testing infrastructure.


Test faster and earlier in the development cycle with browser emulators

Sauce Labs browser emulators are a scalable, highly reliable, and economical way to run automated tests on your mobile apps early in the development process. Spend more time building great mobile apps and less time managing your test infrastructure.

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Fast and easy app testing

Simulators and emulators are a fast, easy, and scalable way to do mobile app testing.

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Test on the widest range of browser emulators

Test on the latest browser versions, including beta versions.

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Reduce testing costs

Run functional tests on mobile emulators and simulators for a fraction of the cost of real devices.

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Scale testing coverage

Mobile emulators and simulators are easy to scale, making them ideally suited for CI pipelines. Incorporate real devices at the end of the dev cycle for increased coverage.

Supported browser emulators

Sauce Labs supports 1,700+ emulators and simulators for testing your web and mobile apps.

iOS simulators


Android emulators


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Thanks to Sauce Labs, we are able to ensure that our apps work on over 700 browser/ OS combinations, 172 device emulators and over 300 unique real devices.

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Pranav Verma

Sr. Engineering Manager

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[Sauce Labs] gives you confidence in the definition of 'done' — so that the teams that are in high-pressure situations can deliver software quicker, faster, and more iteratively.

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Director of enterprise QA, financial services

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We don’t have to worry about making sure the devices are healthy or [scaling]. Having Sauce [Labs] manage [devices] saves time for my team on the administration. It’s been much more hands-off. … It’s just nice. It just works.

Sauce Labs customer interviewed by Forrester Consulting

Manager of software test engineering, technology industry

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Browser emulator FAQs

An online browser emulator is a web-based tool that allows you to test and preview your mobile app in a simulated mobile device environment directly from your web browser. It provides a virtual representation of different mobile devices, allowing you to review the app's appearance and behavior across various screen sizes and resolutions. Learn more about emulators.

Using an online browser emulator allows you to quickly preview your app's layout and responsiveness on different devices without the need for physical devices. This helps you ensure that your apps deliver a seamless user experience across different browser types and versions. Learn about app testing on emulators.

Yes. Browser emulators typically support different operating systems, including iOS and Android. You can select the operating system and version you need to test your app's compatibility across various environments. Or you can use a tool like Sauce Labs to access cloud-based browser emulators that help you test faster and easier.

Online browser emulators allow you to test your app's functionality to a certain extent. You can interact with the app on the emulator, navigate through screens, and perform basic actions. However, you may not be able to accurately simulate complex functionality that relies on device-specific features.

Yes. Many online browser emulators allow you to simulate different network conditions. You can test your app's behavior under various network scenarios, such as Wi-Fi, 3G, or unreliable connections, to assess app performance and responsiveness.

While online browser emulators are great for mobile app testing, there are certain limitations to consider. Emulators may not accurately replicate device-specific functionalities, hardware interactions, or performance characteristics. Real devices and virtual devices (emulators/simulators), when used together in an automated testing environment, enable modern mobile development and testing teams to get the most out of their mobile testing efforts. Learn more about how emulators are different than real devices

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