Sauce Performance

Shift front-end performance testing left

Sauce Performance

Gain front-end performance insight before your app or website goes live

Sauce Performance helps developer and QA organizations capture and address performance regressions early in the development cycle. Get meaningful front-end performance metrics before you release to production and improve overall customer experience.

Get front-end performance data earlier

Discover issues and gain insight into page optimization opportunities early in the development cycle with advanced front-end app performance tracking.

ML algorithm-derived baselines

Machine Learning (ML) algorithms automatically derive performance baselines and provide notification when true front-end performance regressions occur, helping teams remediate faster.

Leverage your existing tests

Improve developer productivity by allowing teams to leverage existing Selenium test scripts to capture both functional and front-end performance data in a single test.

Sauce Performance Overview

Sauce Performance features

Sauce Performance creates a report and establishes baselines for each URL under test, providing visibility into any issues affecting page performance.


CLI tools & framework integrations

Easily run performance tests using our CLI tool and quickly compare application performance against established baselines.


Algorithmic baselines

Capture application performance metrics and automatically discover true regressions.


Front-end audit & history

Understand your end-user experience by capturing metrics such as Time to First Meaningful Paint, Time to First Interactive, Page Weight, Speed Index, and much more.


Quickly debug discovered issues

Use trace data and film strip as the ultimate debugging log to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues.

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