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Wiki documentation

The Sauce Labs Cookbook is where you will find detailed technical information about the Sauce Labs platform, including a getting started guide, instant Selenium scripts, best practices, Sauce Connect, and more.


In-product training

Sauce Labs makes it easier for developers and quality engineers to master automated testing with Selenium and Appium. Our in-product training modules are designed to help you get your first automated test up and running.

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Knowledge Base

Get answers to the most common questions posed by Sauce Labs users. Access the latest info on topics such as testing tips for your web and mobile applications, using Sauce Connect, the Sauce REST API, account setup and billing, and more.


Support community

Reach out to other Sauce users in the Secret Sauce community for answers to your burning questions. Learn about best practices, spread the word about Sauce, and get rewarded with swag, conference passes, sneak peeks of product features, and more.


Sauce Training Assets

Sauce Labs makes it easier for developers and quality engineers to master automated web testing with Selenium and mobile automated testing with Appium. Learn from the experts in our hands-on labs conducted online or onsite.


Training/Implementation Partners

Our partners work with Sauce Labs to provide development and QA teams the expertise they need to successfully implement continuous testing, agile and DevOps best practices.


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