Live Testing

Debug faster with live testing on real devices & thousands of browser/OS combinations

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Tools for Automation

Real device coverage

Test against thousands of the latest iOS and Android devices on a public or private cloud.

Advanced debugging tools for cross-browser testing

Identify and fix bugs fast

Screenshots and video recordings make identifying issues and sharing the results quick and easy.

Quality through coverage for live testing

Quality through coverage

Make sure your apps & websites work flawlessly across the browsers, OSs, & resolutions that matter to your users.

Easy collaboration

Collaboration made easy

Invite others to view your live session or share video recordings and screenshots via Slack or HipChat.

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“Digital acceleration can't happen without better-quality software, and software testing matters more than ever for quality at speed.”

Forrester: The Path To Autonomous Testing: Augment Human Testers First, Jan. 2019

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