iPhone simulators for faster app testing

Learn how you can speed up iOS application testing with mobile simulators.

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Faster iPhone mobile app testing with simulators

Mobile apps are more popular than ever with research showing that customers spend over four hours a day using them. For this reason, it’s vital to test your mobile apps and check how they work on different devices or browsers. Sauce Labs offers solutions that help you test faster and earlier in the development cycle to release high-quality mobile apps that work for every user, every time. The Sauce Real Device Cloud allows you to run manual or automated mobile app tests on hundreds of iOS devices for increased device coverage and testing at scale. Our iOS simulators are a scalable and cost-effective solution for testing app performance.


Test faster and earlier in the development cycle with iPhone simulators

Sauce Labs iOS simulators are a scalable, highly reliable, and economical way to run automated tests on your mobile apps early in the development process. Spend more time building great mobile apps and less time managing your test infrastructure.

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Fast and easy app testing

Simulators and emulators are a fast, easy, and scalable way to do mobile app testing.

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Test on the widest range of browser emulators

Test on the latest browser versions, including beta versions.

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Reduce testing costs

Run functional tests on mobile emulators and simulators for a fraction of the cost of real devices.

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Scale testing coverage

Mobile emulators and simulators are easy to scale, making them ideally suited for CI pipelines. Incorporate real devices at the end of the dev cycle for increased coverage.

Supported iOS simulators

Sauce Labs supports 1,700+ emulators and simulators for testing your web and mobile apps.

iOS simulators


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iPhone, iPad

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Thanks to Sauce Labs, we are able to ensure that our apps work on over 700 browser/ OS combinations, 172 device emulators and over 300 unique real devices.

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[Sauce Labs] gives you confidence in the definition of 'done' — so that the teams that are in high-pressure situations can deliver software quicker, faster, and more iteratively.

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Director of enterprise QA, financial services

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We don’t have to worry about making sure the devices are healthy or [scaling]. Having Sauce [Labs] manage [devices] saves time for my team on the administration. It’s been much more hands-off. … It’s just nice. It just works.

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iPhone simulator FAQs

An iPhone simulator is a software application that allows you to run iOS applications on a computer without the need for an actual physical device.

Using an iPhone simulator can help you save money by not having to buy an actual physical device. It also allows you to test iOS applications on different screen sizes and operating systems without the need for multiple devices.

There are several iPhone simulators available online, such as the Xcode Simulator, Appetize.io, and Smartface. You can download and install these simulators by visiting their respective websites. Or, you can save time and start testing faster by using Sauce Labs cloud-based iPhone simulators.

Some popular iPhone simulators include the Xcode Simulator, Appetize.io, and Smartface. Sauce Labs also offers the most comprehensive range of cloud-based iPhone simulators to help you test faster and easier.

You can install and use an iPhone simulator on your Windows/Mac computer by downloading and installing the software from the simulator's official website. Or, you can save time and start testing faster by using Sauce Labs cloud-based iPhone simulators.

Yes, you can use an iPhone simulator to test your website's mobile responsiveness. It allows you to see how your website appears on different screen sizes and resolutions.

Sauce Labs strives to provide the latest and versions of iOS, including beta versions, so that you can start testing as soon as they are publicly released. See supported browsers and devices

There are several test automation frameworks available for writing and executing tests for iOS native, web, and hybrid apps, including Appium, Detox, EarlGrey, and XCUITest.

Learn how you can test faster with Sauce Labs iPhone simulators


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