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Posted December 9, 2022

Device Farms Reimagined: Attaining Any-to-Any Test Coverage

In today’s post-pandemic, recession-signaling environment, a business system is built for scale if it can both support high growth and adapt to shifting market conditions. Like any other enterprise business system, quality engineering programs will face this same measuring stick in the years ahead. This means the stakes are higher for the architecture decisions that product teams make when designing and operationalizing their quality engineering systems.

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Device Farms Reimagined: Attaining Any-to-Any Test Coverage

One of the core building blocks of a quality engineering system is ongoing access to a representative set of end-user device types and operating systems (device farm) against which to conduct testing. Device infrastructure is, therefore, one of the core enablers of the scalability of a quality engineering system. Yet too often, product teams find themselves held back by the limitations of their testing device infrastructures. Join social trading platform pioneer eToro and partners Sauce Labs and Testlio for a discussion on the role that device architectures play towards building a quality engineering system for scale. The speakers will pull from real-world experiences to offer perspectives on the implications of alternative testing architectures.

  • Industry and broad market forces reshaping test infrastructure requirements

  • Redefining the public device cloud for software testing

  • Location specific device testing requirements

  • Support for comprehensive types of testing

  • The promise of a device farm that can support any-to-any testing

  • Debunking public vs. private device cloud myths

  • The real total cost of ownership of DIY device infrastructure setups

  • Pragmatic approaches to weighing risk and reward

This webinar is part of a fused-testing-in-action webinar series hosted by Testlio. The webinar series focuses on providing an industry forum to spur discussion and offer solutions to today’s biggest testing challenges, specifically focusing on unlocking more efficient and effective ways to combine manual and automated testing disciplines.

Dec 9, 2022
Webinar Date:
Dec 7 5:00PM (UTC+00:00)
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